Conoravirus and the meat industry in the US

(Bob M) #1

This is not good:

Also, if anyone follows Fire in a Bottle on Twitter, he says the prices farmers get paid has dropped basically to zero. They can’t make enough money to keep afloat. He said this is the worst of all worlds, where consumers will pay skyrocketing prices while farmers can’t sell their meat.

And if you think that covid-19 is only in certain states, take a look where the meat industry is getting hit:


Anyone see NY or California there?


The JBS in Greeley is almost ready to reopen. They have put up dividers between workers who are next to each other on lines, masks will be required, and every one’s temperature will be checked. The union is trying to delay the reopening until all the workers can get tested. But the facility has been disinfected and they want to reopen.


I’m in eastern US and we are experiencing a meat shortage. My favorite little meat market was out of almost everything this morning. I bought what I could, mostly ground beef. The only chicken they had was boneless, skinless breasts, so I got those for my family who aren’t keto.

They sold to the local restaurants as well as individuals. You could get a whole or half cow or pig if you wanted it. I was told that they had no idea when they would be getting in more meat and that they can’t order any. At some point they will get more in, but only around 25% of what they usually receive at a delivery.

My freezer is pretty full for now, but this worries me.

(Bunny) #4

If you have small local farms or farmers type markets, I think things will be ok, ours is mostly grass fed and that’s a plus.

Paying more for grass fed is so much better in so many ways even though more expensive.

Heck a person could make YouTube videos about different meat companies and producers and get free meat?

The major producers of meat on that map are probably low quality processed meats; corn, soy fed ect. And full of the PUFA’s you genuinely blame as bad?

Maybe if these processed meat companies take hard financial hits they will be forced to produce higher quality meats and stop them from trying to make crappy fed meat?

I prefer my chickens to have beaks…lol

(Bob M) #5

65 deaths so far:

4 USDA inspectors dead too.

And it’s all over the place:

(Bunny) #6

Even with-out much meat it is easier to do a ketogenic diet being you can get all the endogenous fat you need from gut microbes rather then from a exogenous source.

(Doug) #7

Bob, right in what’s becoming a familiar zone, the 0.1 to 1% fatalities range. Certainly, testing is incomplete, and will alter the raw numbers over time, but nothing much is pointing anywhere else.

Going back to last month:

Man, I shudder to think how this will end.


I had to do some grocery shopping after work the two days ago. I ran into Walmart for two items, and the meat section was less than 25% full. Grabbed the items I needed and got out.
Went into my regular grocer, and noticed their meat section was jam-packed. I’m thinkin, “What the heck?!” As I looked closer, I discovered that their entire grassfed beef section/organic beef section/and top cuts of beef - we all pack with FRESH FISH!!! The refrigerated area across the aise where the fish normally found was packed with the fake crab meat packets, Bob Evans sides (and some other brands of side dishes), and other oddities.

On Thursday, we were a little short-handed at work when one of our refrigerated shipments arrived, so I ended up checking in the cold and frozen items, then stocking them. We received less than 50% of the meat items that were ordered. On the invoice, the missing items had a note in the margin “manf out of stock”.

As for us, we’ve had more calls and requests for beef in the last two weeks than we do during our regular fall season. One guy wanted to buy a cow on the hoof.

Last evening, our governor extended the stay at home order until June 12 or 19th. However, the upper peninsula has been allowed to open up with limited capacities. With only 2 cases in our four-county area, I’d say its about time! The Mackinac bridge was bottlenecked Thursday and Friday, so I don’t know how many vacationers are on their way up here - but dang! Its gonna be a busy day at work!

Hot dogs and hamburgers are going to be sold out before long.

(PJ) #9

Not sure if you guys saw that on May 9 Trump signed a bill that has the federal government paying the farmers for the food they can’t sell due to CV19, and having them send it to designated food banks all over the country.

That’s a good thing, not just for the food banks, but for the farmers not going out of business.

Food is slightly scarce here in NE OK (or NEO as we call it). There is meat, but it’s in 1 or sometimes 3 pound tubes, instead of in 5# clear-top fresh packages. And there’s not much of it and not much of the ‘variation’ there used to be. I haven’t been able to buy a package of chicken breasts in eons.

My friend in Albany NY says it’s been nearly apocalyptic in much of NY and the food situation still sucks a lot worse for him there.

(KCKO, KCFO) #10

I had not heard that and neither has Google. Source please? There was a bill giving them aid but no rider I can find that required them to give away food to any one. In fact, I can only find where they are killing animals because they can’t support them. Nothing about giving to food drives etc. One guy did last week in CO donate to local food bank, but he just did it no requirement to do so. He made the local news.

(GINA ) #11

It was the first hit on google. There is also a link to the food distribution part of the plan.

(KCKO, KCFO) #12

This article talks about the gov. paying them, but nothing about them giving away products, just them getting payments from it. The gov. pays them then the gov. will be distributing through their normal support channels.

(GINA ) #13

I am not on a device that copies and pastes easily, but if you click on the hyperlink for Farmers to Families Food Box it gives the details.

(Wendy) #14

Intresting that they are only promised 80%: To ensure the availability of funding throughout the application period, producers will receive 80 percent of their maximum total payment upon approval of the application. The remaining portion of the payment, not to exceed the payment limit, will be paid at a later date as funds remain available.

(Bob M) #15

Covid is still raging through meat processing facilities:

Some governors are just hiding this fact.

(Bob M) #16

That was 24 hours ago, and it’s 5/29/20.

(Bob M) #17

It’s still in meat plants. This from Iowa, today, 6/3/20:

Only one death (in the town) so far, and 75% were asymptomatic (though since symptoms take up to 2 weeks to appear, that’s kinda meaningless until 2 weeks from now).

(Bob M) #18

It’s gotten worse since they declared meat processors as being essential. 74 deaths.

And most of these plants won’t let you take time off, or if they do, you have to go on disability pay.

Note the scale: 216 plants in 33 states.

(Bob M) #19

It continues getting worse:


(GINA ) #20

I have wondered what is up with meat packing plants. The cold? Proximity?

It would be helpful to know what the infection rates are per 100 or 1000 though, and how that compares to other essential services. Just throwing out total numbers with no basis for comparison doesn’t tell you much.