Confused by protein limits

(Eve) #41

Hi - I am trying to understand the lean body mass from the Hume Formula, but in your calculation above, I think you have the height and weight around the wrong way, in the actual calculation?

Height: 51.8kg x 0.2956 = 15.08
Weight: 154.9cm x 0.41813 = 64.76

Lean Body Mass: 15.08 + 64.76 – 43.2933 = 36.5kg (80.lbs)

I am trying to get my head around this, so be nice to me if I am wrong! I calculated it as 23.91kg of lean body mass.

(Eve) #42

Don’t worry - just realised that you labelled “height” and “weight” incorrectly but your actual figures are right, in the “Conversions.” I get it - all good!