Confused beginner

(Steve Spencer) #1

Today is week 2 of Keto. First 5 days I was down 4.7 lbs. Last 2 days I gained weight back for a total loss if 2.5lbs. Is it gain weight back? I stay with same food content and water intake and walk everyday.

(Daisy) #2

Very very normal. I don’t know how much you have to lose. I don’t have a lot to lose and I go up and down several lbs. I am not always as strict as I should be. Measurements are generally better judges of progress than the scale.

(Randy) #3

It’s very important that you understand that it often takes 4 to 6 weeks to become “fat adapted”. This means that your body is no longer waiting for carbs, and is fully converted to running on fat. Some people lose more than others during this time. If you have any cramping, up the water and electrolytes. Especially salt. Try to think of this as a long term way of eating with long term goals, and not a short term “diet”.

(Teri) #4

Like Randy said, it can take weeks to become fat adapted, so I honestly wouldn’t weigh myself until then. Being in ketosis is different than being fat adapted. While you may be producing ketones, which happens within the first 2-3 days, your body has yet to adjust to using fat as fuel. That takes time. Just keep doing what you are doing and eating right, and your body will begin doing its thing.

(Mel John) #5

I’m nearly a month in & I’ve been going up & down so wildly I’ve stopped weighing myself for now. I feel better, I can’t feel it in my clothes, so I’m just trying to trust the process!! The science is overwhelming, we can do this :muscle:

(Steve Spencer) #6

:+1: just gotta stick with it I’m hearing alot.

(Frank) #7

Eat what you’re supposed to eat. Don’t eat what you’re not. Eat when you’re hungry. Don’t eat when your not. Keep doing that. Rinse repeat. Weight changes daily with fluid changes.

(Steve Spencer) #8

Thank you all for the reassurance. Kinda was a Debbie downer this morning

(Frank) #9

Not at all man. You’ve come to the right place. Just remember to listen to your body before anybody else including us here. It knows what it needs.


That all sounds normal and very typical.

You aren’t meant to weigh yourself everyday.

One reason is your body only regulates its water levels to + or - 2 litres. 1 L is 2.2 lbs

It can suddenly drop a litre for a few days but then it’ll hold on to an extra L at another time for no apparently reason.

That’s why you should look at the overall trend or take averages.

Also look at other indicators like the inches around your waste, arms, etc etc.

Don’t worry, just stay below 20g carbs - watch out of hidden carbs and don’t go overboard with protein.

Also watch portions sizes. People say don’t worry about carbs, and don’t but if you eat like a horse dont’ expect to lose much weight.

I hadn’t eaten real food for 20 years but went slightly ballistic when I first went on keto then I wondered why I wasn’t losing weight. Oops.

I’d say count the 20g carbs for absolutely sure but do be reasonable with everything else.