Composition of Basic Oils


This spreadsheet is something I photocopied from one I have hanging in my cube. It contains lots of helpful info about the fatty acid composition in oils we may encounter! It includes carbon lengths and saturation levels as well!

Composition of Basic Oils.pdf (963.4 KB)

(Eric - The patient needs to be patient!) #2

Where did you get this? It is really fantastic. Seems to be put together by a chemist (I used to be a chemist). I would love to have an excel version of this. I’ll have to print this out and mark which components are omega6 and which are omega3.

Thank you.


I am a chemist actually! But I dont have the original source because it was given to me by my manager who retired. He was amazing! I am fairly certain he photocopied this out of one of his dusty books (Some of his handwriting and marks are on the paper haha!). So unfortunately I dont have a way of giving you an electronic version. :frowning:

(Eric - The patient needs to be patient!) #4

Thanks. I was a chemist only a few years and then got into software engineering and dev.

(Bob M) #5

If you look toward the end of this, you can find similar data, but a little less detailed, and they look at it a bit differently (using saturated fat/PUFA ratio):

See this part, for instance: