(Julie S Cowell) #1

Never! At work yesterday a coworker was looking at my ID badge that has a year old photo from before I started keto and was 25 pounds heavier.
She said - "Wow! That hardly looks like you! Your face is alot thinner, and you look way young now!"
:blush: I’ll take it! That sure made me feel good! :blush:

(The baconfat chocolate guy) #2

I think the funniest thing that ever happened to me was I was at target and had just gotten a haircut and beard trim while wearing new clothes. The lovely middle aged checkout woman said “You look like a model!”

I don’t know what kind of low-rent models she had looked at but I’ll take the compliment!

(Tom) #3

One of the most fun things I’ve experienced is people not recognizing me after summer break. Totally worth all this horribly depriving food. :wink:

(AJ) #4

That’s great Julie :smile_cat:

Mine happened today actually. I was at work (school) and a parent waiting at reception spoke to me. She had been chatting to another member of staff that morning in the playground before school started and had asked a question. My colleague said " oh, ask Crazy about that, she’ll be able to help". The parent replied “where is she?” and colleague pointed across the playground to where I was standing. She didn’t recognise me! No wonder though as I am nearly 80lbs less since this time last year.

She asked me what I’d done and I told her. Her son has a very serious weight problem, (or should I say carb problem) and he is still quite young. I recommended she read the book that changed my life “Why We Get Fat” by Gary Taubes to learn about the science behind this way of eating, and to do some googling.

(Julie S Cowell) #5

That’s great! :blush: Great job!
And that’s a great book too… :blush:

(Stephanie Hanson) #6

Thank you for helping her help her son. Childhood obesity breaks my heart.

(Jamie Hayes) #7

The best NSV I ever heard of was a grandmother who lost weight so that she could have a lap for her grandchildren to sit on.

(Will Madams) #8

and all those young men at the clubs, got to spend that retirement money somewhere! haha :grin:

(mwall) #9

I have a coworker who had bariatric surgery and lost a good bit of weight and put much of it back on before I went keto. After losing my initial 30 lbs she has tried to get back on board with lchf but she will not give up the grains and pasta.