Collagen allergic reaction?


It’s the Orgain unflavored that I have. I had the other link deleted and replaced it with the collagen I have been using. .
Sorry for any confusion on my part


I wanted to return and give an update.
I have not used the collagen in 3 days. I bought some decaf coffee and had that this morning, it was quite good. I had my first meal today at around 1:00pm. I used 2 drops of lugols iodine in my tea, took my magnesium and my vitamin C. I skipped my Calcium and Vitamin B supplement today.
I have not had any heart palpitations today. Which makes me so happy!
I think I’m going to not do the Collagen again. The experience just frightened me way to much.
I’m going to try a biotin supplement, maybe it can help with the hair loss. I’m 61, so my hair loss could just be my age idk :neutral_face:
My skin is fine, I use an abundance of skin moisturizers, so skin for me isn’t a worry. Just those age spots tho :roll_eyes:
Thanks to everyone that responded :pray:

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Maybe try gelatin rather then hydrolyzed collagen. Pretty much the same nutritional benefits but maybe not the same adverse reaction.


Does gelatin or jello have the same amount of collagen as the powdered supplement?

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@Lotus_Lane Thank you for the update. I’m glad your symptoms went away. I did some research on collagen vs. gelatine (including the article posted by @amwassil), but couldn’t find anything about heart palpitations. Gelatine might be worth a try. I’m sure you’ll be very cautious if you do try it!

I’m afraid thinning hair is a fact of aging. I researched this also (I’m 68) and am now putting instant coffee powder in my shampoo – about 1 teaspoon per cup – and leaving that on my hair and scalp for a couple of minutes while I wash my body. It leaves my hair feeling coated, so I wash again with plain shampoo. I think it’s helping.

You can also use real coffee instead of instant coffee. There is quite a bit of info about this on the Internet. Good luck with your experiments.


Thank you for that link🙏
I had researched gelatin before trying the collagen powder. I believe I posted about it here. Someone said I probably couldn’t eat enough gelatin to be equivalent to the collagen powder. That was a bummer, so I decided to try the collagen powder. But this shows at least I would be getting at least some collagen from the gelatin. Some is better than none in my book.
Thank you for the link and helping me solve this collagen issue :pray::blush:


Thank you :blush:
I’ve eaten gelatin/jello most of my life. It was one of my go to snacks (sugar free) when I started Keto. Ate it every single day for months. Funny thing is I had no idea I was eating collagen🙄
I recently noticed last fall my hair was thinning badly. It could be related to the stress of this Covid pandemic or me building a greenhouse, or the shingles virus I contracted or my broken elbow, or me getting Covid. All that happened to me in the span of a couple months. Or it could just be hormonal and old age?
I just want my hair back :pensive:
I’m going to go back to eating my jello again. Plus try a biotin supplement. I always say where there’s a will there’s a way. This old girl is still kickin it :pray::sunglasses::peace_symbol::heart:


I’m writing this because I know others (newbies) come here for info. I’m not intending to bash collagen or try to scare anyone away from using collagen. I just wanted to update my experience with the collagen powdered supplement in case anyone has the same experience I had. I had taken the Orgain Collagen Peptides (unflavored) for aprox 2 weeks. I started to have the allergic reaction after about the first week, heart racing/heart palpitations. It came on slowly, I’ve suffered from panic attacks and I assumed it to be that. Unfortunately it got worse and my anxiety began to peak due the heart racing, palpitations. I was very frightened by the symptoms I was experiencing. So 6 days ago I stopped taking it and came here for info. I assumed someone may have had the same experience. I received lots of help and information. I thank everyone for their input on this topic.
I’ve researched ever since my symptoms brought me here to this forum.
I’ve found many sources and information on the topic of collagen sides effects, benefits.
However I did find forums where people experienced the same effect I had from the collagen supplements. Science doesn’t always give us the answers and people who have truly experienced it can.
These effects are rare btw. Collagen can cause Artrial Fibrillation in some people. It’s rare that’s why it’s not seen in the side effects of collagen supplements. But I did see it on a couple scientific pages.
Collagen supplements can raise Calcium to unsafe levels. I think this is also rare.
Collagen can lower tryptophan, in the body tryptophan can be converted into the molecule 5-HTP, which then forms serotonin. Lower tryptophan can cause lower serotonin which can lead to having more anxiety.
I have always been one to have rare side effects to meds or supplements.
However I’ve found several pages of people (forums) reporting to have the same reaction I had.
My experience of heart racing/ heart palpitations and my anxiety, panic attacks being through the roof. All point to the Collagen powdered supplement.
I’m still recovering, my anxiety is still popping up daily. I still have the occasional panic response. Not a full on panic attack, but it’s enough to bother me. Palpitations once in a while. But those could be due to the panic attack response. I’m assuming My tryptophan levels are still low? I’m hoping this goes completely away soon.

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I hope so too! Thank you for sharing the information.


Updating my update on my allergic reaction to the Orgain Collagen.
It’s been 12 days since my last post. My palpitations did stop about 7 days after I stopped the collagen. But up until last Wednesday February 17 I was still suffering from heightened anxiety, panic and chest tightness. I have never had my anxiety stay for any length of time. It was a come and go thing. But on Thursday February 18 all that was gone, no anxiety and no chest tightness. I was so thankful, I had a great weekend, no symptoms at all! Today I’m great, back to my old self. But these 17 days since I first posted had been an experience I never want to have again.
All this being said it’s important to remember. We have no idea what’s in these supplements. We trust what the label says. What the manufacturer places on the label, is it true? We have no idea! Are the cows really pasture raised? We can’t see them? Do the cows really live on grass? Have the cows been given preventative shots? Are the cows healthy? How was it processed? I live in the country, I know cow farms and other farms. A cage free egg is not what you think it is.
My point here is, what was in the collagen that caused my reaction? I will never know? We will never really know what’s not put on the label of supplements. We are daily trusting our health and well being to these supplement companies. Scares me now