Collagen allergic reaction?


I recently started using collagen powder for hair loss. Unfortunately I think I’m having some kind of negative reaction with it. Heart palpitations soon after drinking my coffee with the collagen in it. They are very alarming to say the least. I also take my iodine drops at the same only in a drink. I do not have any heart problems at all.
I’ve added only 2 new supplements in the last 2 weeks. One is j crow liquid iodine, I’ve used this iodine when I first started Keto in January 2019. I ran out of it and never ordered anymore. I do not recall any side effects from it.
But I’ve never used collagen before. I looked up side effects of collagen and it said heart palpitations could be a side effects. Also looked up the brand I’m using Orgain Collagen Peptides, Amazon reviews 2 people had heart palpitations while using it.
I did not use the collagen this morning or the iodine and I’ve had zero palpitations.
Has anyone had palpitations from collagen?

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Curious, to say the least. How much are you using? I use Progressive Complete Collagen daily in my keto coffee (8.1 grams) and have never noticed any side-effects. It may be that the ‘peptides’ variant or some additive is causing and/or aggravating your symptoms. I’d try plain collagen rather than peptide before giving up.


Just one scoop and it says on the container to use 2 scoops.
I was trying to go slow with one scoop to see how it would effect on me. Glad I did
So it could be the peptides or other ingredients?
I may just wait a bit before I try another one. This has been a truly scary experience I don’t want to repeat anytime soon.
I’m going to wait a few days and retest the iodine to see if I react. I don’t see why I would react to it as I used it in early 2019 for a short while.
Thanks for your response

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What’s a ‘scoop’. That could be 30 grams or more! That could be a significant % of your daily protein. The scoop on my Progressive product is nominally 27 grams. Maybe just use less. You don’t need to consume a lot of collagen protein everyday. I use 7 grams daily and still have positive effects from it. Since I eat 120 grams of protein daily, 8 grams is only about 5% of that.

Collagen does not contain tryptophan, which can cause issues if you use collagen as a major or the major source of protein.

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Are you adding anything else to the coffee?


It’s the scoop that came with the collagen. 2 scoops is 20g, so I used 1 scoop that would be 10g.
The ingredients are Collagen Peptides (Bovine)
Could be hidden ingredients causing the problem?


Heavy whipping cream and Pyure sweetener, nothing else.

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Link to the product online so we can look at the ingredients and maybe spot something questionable.

A scoop is only 10 grams? Either the ‘scoop’ is very small or the product very fluffy. One of my whey powders (Allmax ISO) is less dense than the other (PVL ISO Gold). Please link. Thanks.

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Thanks. On my way to work now. Will look at this after I get home in the evening.


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My collagen scoop is very small – holds maybe a bit more than a teaspoon.


Mine is a scoop like comes in coffee.


Collagen is not a complete protein and shouldn’t be counted as part of your daily protein intake.

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I disagree. Where do the amino acids end up? I think they get metabolized just as well/same as any others. If one combines two incomplete proteins, like grains and legumes, the amino acids are metabolized. In addition, many collagen sources have added tryptophan so are complete.


Have you done a lot reading on the issue? If you can afford to ‘lose’ 30gms of protein a day from your diet then good luck to you I suppose.


In your opinion, should I wait a few days and add then try again but add less collagen to my coffee? Or should I just try another brand of collagen? Or just drop the collagen all together?
I’m also going to switch to decaf coffee. Could it be the collagen could be interacting with the caffeine in the coffee?

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As noted above, I eat 8.1 grams of collagen daily in my morning keto coffee. If you’ve something specific to cite to backup your claim please post it. By the way Progressive Collagen contains added tryptophan.


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Michael, do you think taking collagen makes a difference?


What else is in the product, apart from collagen? MCT oil powder, maybe? If so, I’d firmly point the finger at that for causing palpitations, before blaming the collagen. Just a thought.