Coffee enhancement - heavy whipping cream vs half and half

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Yes. Which is still an improvement! It only happens occasionally, though.

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I buy mine from an Amish store to make cheese. Is that a possibility for you? I love the taste of raw milk. So different from pasteurized.

I can’t wait for my neighbor girl’s goats start producing milk again. They bring me the milk for free and I give them back 2/3’rds of the cheese I make. My favorite is feta and gouda. I usually mix in fresh chives and dill into the feta. Yum.


Sounds delish but not an option. No Amish anywhere near here

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Yeah… when the kids come from the city they want “safe” (pasteurized) milk. And I do that for them. Makes them happy. And they still love the milk.

I tend not to pasteurize it for my own use. I think it lasts longer raw. Sounds odd, but true. I can keep raw cream for over a week and it’s just fine. Raw cream from the store (pasteurized) I can barely get to last more than about 2 days before it’s gotten nasty and rank.

For the most part, I use the cream, mostly for coffee. Some of the milk will become homemade Greek yogurt. The rest of the milk (basically skim) will go to the cats or if we happen to have a recipe that calls for a small amount of milk, we may just use a bit of that.

We are very happy to live near a nice community of Amish. They’ve been good neighbors. (Actually, when pressed, they will not call themselves Amish directly but rather “conservative Christians”. Most wouldn’t know the difference from just a casual meeting. Over time, though…


That was one item I never could get raw :frowning: And I feel the UHT flavor. Still great and the one in bags that lasts not so long taste less UHT but how amazing would it be without?

The cream here lasts for 5 days, that’s sure but not for much longer.


Is this commercial cream or raw cream local to the area that has been pasteurized? I have never tried raw but the stuff in the carton from the commercial dairies lasts forever. Even opened it is good for a few days. Sealed I have a carton in the back of my fridge that has to be two weeks old at least. Of course I will smell it when I open and if it tastes weird out it goes. You may want to check your fridge. When my fridge was not cooling enough, the first sign was that the milk spoiled

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I’ve had lots of different ones. The commercial ones that are ultra-pasteurized last a very long time, sometimes even on a shelf (not refrigerated). Those would be what I used to buy at Walmart and similar because that was pretty much all that was available here, at least in the regular stores. There is a local dairy here that sells to stores that pasteurizes their products minimally, just enough to pass the requirements of the state. That is the stuff that only lasts a few days. It always spoils very quickly. I have never tried repasteurizing it right away when I would bring it home, not sure whether that would make a difference.

The stuff I’ve had that came from raw milk (as in straight out of the cow and then chilled) I’ve paid attention to. I am perfectly able to pasteurize milk, it’s just heating it to a certain temperature to kill stuff in it. 160F will do it, and my InstantPot knockoff heats milk to 180F in the process of making yogurt, just a push of a button. When I get the milk raw, it is whole, and is not homogenized… which just means that the cream will rise to the top easily. That cream is the most desired part of the milk here.

OK, that cream, I have treated in two different ways, just keeping it raw, and pasteurizing it. I have not noted any increase in the time I can keep that raw cream if I pasteurize it. I find just the opposite, that it spoils faster when pasteurized. I do not know why exactly, perhaps some of the things that get killed off in the heating process are actually good guys that help keep it from spoiling. (?) I’m sure someone knows better than I and can explain it.

I don’t know if I said that well. Raw milk is not raw anymore if it gets pasteurized. Anyway…

My fridge is fine. :slight_smile: But thanks for the suggestion. :slight_smile: