Coffee enhancement - heavy whipping cream vs half and half

(squirrel-kissing paper tamer) #21

My night time snack (if I need one) is a hot mug of flavored tea, a sweetener packet and cream.

(Brian) #22

It may because I’m in the US but tea doesn’t usually have cream in it here. I can imagine there are a few varieties where that might actually be quite tasty but I’ve never done it. (I’m imagining a sort of “orange creamsicle” flavor as I type this…) :slight_smile:

Anyway, tea would just be the tea with a little stevia for sweetness here so pretty low cal, low carb and low fat.

I suspect my friends from the UK would be much more likely to put cream in their tea, but that’s speculation on my part. (?)

(squirrel-kissing paper tamer) #23

I’m in the US but my mom always gave us milk in our hot tea especially if we didn’t feel good and none in our iced tea. My tastes are changing and I like cream more each day. I used to gag at milk and cream so may be it’s a “me” thing.

(Brian) #24

Me too! :wink:

(What The Fast?!) #25

I literally keep a Tbsp measurement in my purse for when I go to Starbucks… :rofl:

(charlie3) #26

This is useful information to me. I thought H/H was off limits because of carbs but may be not. I drink a 24 ounce stainless mug of iced coffee most days with 1/4 cup of heavy cream. Half and half is worth a try and use those calories somewhere else.

(Mike W.) #27

I have drank FAR too many heavy whipping cream lattes from there (8-10oz of HWC each :flushed:)

(squirrel-kissing paper tamer) #28

So, it’s like a Negative Coffee, a splash of coffee in your cream?

(Mike W.) #29

Kind of. It’s a shot of espresso and they frith a bunch of HWC.

(squirrel-kissing paper tamer) #30

Yum! I went to Star[spoiler]f[/spoiler]ucks since eating low carb and said, “Um, can you put heavy cream in my latte” And the guy was like, "Yeah that’s a Breve (stupid idiot --implied). And it was so delicious!

(Jenny) #31

I do heavy whipping cream and throw in this for a few weeks when im looking for less fat or calories. it is the creamiest I could find

(Carl Keller) #32

Try eating a teaspoon of cinnamon or salt. It’s only like 4 drops. :stuck_out_tongue:

(mags) #33

Oh me too. What I do at the weekend is make a creamy coffee with a tot of whisky and just enough sweetener. It really scratches that Baileys itch

(mags) #34

Oh shocker!!! I seriously doubt that. Cream in tea makes me proper shudder


Actually, I measure out 1TB! :smiley:

(mags) #36

I love coffee with cream too. I don’t use as much as you. Maybe 3 tablespoons at a time ish. Probably 3 times a day. I tried something different last night because I was low on cream and like you black coffee is def not an option.
Spoonful of marmite (vegemite wld work too) fill mug with boiled water and then tablespoon of ghee stirred in. It was lovely and a nice change. Not as good as coffee obvs!!


LOL, that’s funny.

I used to have 4 teaspoons of double cream (HWC equivalent) in my coffee. 3 for the cup, and 1 for me!
I have since switched to single cream (don’t know the US equiv). Still 3 for the cup and 1 for me!

Single cream has about 1/3 of the calories, for about 1/3 extra carbs. A very good trade off for me, since they are both under 0.5g per cup. Which means I count them BOTH as 0.5g from my allowance.

Coffee for me is 45 cals, 3g fat, 0.5g carbs & 0.8g protein :smiley:

(Mike W.) #38

Which is 3 tsp :wink:


HWC is better than half and half, but no in the quantity you are consuming. Having that much half and half isn’t good either. Sounds like you don’t really like the taste of coffee, so maybe tea would be better. Getting better coffee will help, but not solve your problem. You could try that though. Whole Foods has a great selection of beans that you can grind fresh with their grinder. Try some different ones. But my general rule with cream is just enough to cover the bottom of your cup. Also, try some salt or cinnamon in the grounds. The salt will cut some of the bitterness you don’t seem to like.

(Empress of the Unexpected) #40

I stopped the HWC when finally I admitted to myself that I was having a few drops of coffee with my HWC!