Coffee creamer

(Melora) #1

I’m so excited. I discovered (well, my amazing husband discovered) a new creamer at Costco. It’s made by Karma Kafe and it’s called…wait for it…keto creamer! It has grass fed butter, MCT oil (still trying to find out what type) and coconut milk. This stuff is legit!! Git some!

(Full Metal Keto) #2

Does it taste good? Sounds like instant BPC. I switched from artificial creamers when I started keto to HWC. I like it better now. I’m not a fan of coconut flavored coffee. So No BPC for Me! I’ll take the extra carbs in cream.

Is your handle Stanley Kubrick influenced like mine?! :cowboy_hat_face:

(Candy Lind) #3

My Costco also carries Piknik brand keto creamer ($5/qt), located in the dairy refirgerated room. I tried it, and it’s good. I’m experimenting with macadamia nut milk ATM - so far I’ve only used it in combination with cream, but I need to try it by itself and see if I like it. I like butter coffee/BPC, but I don’t like having to use and clean the immersion blender every time I make one. Just call me lazy! LOL

(Melora) #4

It’s actually tasteless but gives coffee a nice frothy texture. And yes, Kubrick did influence my handle!

(Bonnie Byrd Griffith Figolah) #5

I like coffee with my creamer. I mean I like a lot of creamer with strong coffee in the morning then I don’t drink coffee the rest of the day. I need a suggestion of which creamer to use that has no carbs because I use a lot of creamer.

(traci simpson) #6

heavy cream is actually very satisfying. I, like you used to use 2 pumps of white mocha and heavy cream in my coffee but now I just use HWC.

(Michael - Don't expect miracles and you won't be disappointed.) #7

I make my daily with both fats (whipping cream, mct oil, ghee, coconut oil) and whey powders and a couple grams of my electrolyte mix. Makes it a whole Keto meal to my macros not just a fat bomb.

(Full Metal Keto) #8

Six ounces of espresso with 1/4 cup of HWC and no sweetener here! Anything else pales by comparison.


(Susan) #9

I tried to find this tonight at our Costco and they don’t have it… the worker I asked told me they probably only have it in the States (I live in Canada). =(( Too bad, I wanted to try it.

I thought maybe I might try to drink coffee sometimes again, since a lot of you seem to love it, and I have a new coffee maker… so I bought something else at Walmart, and going to try that instead.

It is not a coffee creamer, but I am going to use it for that and for my tea this week (not my Green tea though, I think that would taste weird…).

It is just Original, unsweetened, Silk Creamy Cashew with a touch of almond. It is Dairy, Gluten and Soy-free and has 25 calories per cup
Total Fat -2grams
Cholesterol -o%
Sodium -160 mg (7%)
Carbohydrate -1gram (0%)
Fibre -0 grams
Sugars -0 grams

(Candy Lind) #10

EDIT - I just read back and decided you must be talking about the Piknik creamer. If so, ignore the drivel about HWC below. :crazy_face: Maybe try Milkadamia and a little squirt of MCT as a substitute.

You mean they didn’t have whipping cream (HWC)?? I would be surprised unless they carry no dairy at all. If they don’t, you should be able to buy it wherever you can buy milk (well, not convenience stores, but everywhere else).

I use 1/4 cup HWC and 1/4 cup unsweetened Milkadamia in my 24-oz coffee cup. I also add cocoa and sweetener. It’s more like a latte than a BPC when I get through, but that’s me.

Here’s an interesting side note. I use a double-wall stainless steel mug, and when I used Piknik the mug came out shiny clean with just a hot water rinse. I think it’s the MCT oil; maybe it acts as an emulsifier for all the other fatty substances, including the cocoa. When I don’t add MCT, the stuff on the walls won’t come off without a good scrub, not even in the dishwasher. If I add even a teaspoon of MCT, my mug remains shiny. :woman_shrugging:

(Susan) #11

It was this creamer I was trying to find at Cosco


Sorry, I made that post a while ago before I knew how to show a quote… so it looked like I didn’t know where to buy HWC

although… so far I haven’t bought any HWC because it was $5 for a small carton and I figured my hubby would be annoyed if I bought it tbh.