Coconut Oil lowers (not raises) Ketosis Level

(mike lisanke) #41

Reply to my reply. I again observed a lowering (not raising) of ketone levels when consuming coffee+coconut oil … But now noticed, this occurs after feast days and on the day being well fed. My expectation is, through my fast this week, this effect will again reverse And coconut oil will have the expected no effect or of raising ketone levels. And as Atomic Space Bunny points out, when I say ketones these are BrACE measurements.

(mike lisanke) #42

And, again, 2nd day into fasting, coconut oil in coffee has No effect on my breath keto levels.
This appears to be an affect of excess fatty acid in diet only after being well fed.

(Full Metal KETO AF) #43

Mike I wasn’t ridiculing you at all. You know that whatever is going on with the issue you’re asking about is something nobody has ever had happen. I’m not questioning you, I meant that sounds like an opposite universe. It was just light humor. Not an attack on you. Maybe not take everything so seriously and assume you’re being attacked. If you really think someone is ridiculing you flag it.

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You know how it is. There’s no face or tone of voice in writing and sometimes things just come across wrong. It happens. :slight_smile: