Coconut aminos vs soy sauce?

(Hungry Julie) #1

I see this a lot, why? My soy sauce doesn’t have any sugar added.


Soy can be inflammatory. Tho my understanding is that since it’s fermtented that should reduce that problem unless you’re super sensitive, someone correct me if I’m wrong.

(Heather Meyer) #3

Im guessing some people stay away from soy due to allergy or fear of it being esterogenic and causing hormonal issues? Thats my best guess.
Im happy with my soy sauce… soy saucers unite!


Many soy sauces have wheat. I’m wheat free. Plus I like the coconut aminos.


Bragg’s liquid aminos is another good substitute for soy sauce


I am just like that. I like the coconut aminos a lot. Brings out some subtle flavor differences in foods.

(Bob M) #7

You can easily find naturally fermented soy sauces that do not have wheat. I use these all the time, when I need to add umami flavors.

The coconut aminos are reasonable facsimiles, though, but they don’t have enough salt for me.