Cockroach Milk!


SO WHO wants this now as a super food!

so is almond milk and cockroach milk gonna go at it the future for what crap to drink is better? hmm


waiting to see how they ‘rebrand that cockroach’ name to make it sound even appealing for whatever products they put out there HAHA omg

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(Rebecca ) #3

Leche de cucaracha??

(Central Florida Bob ) #4

Does any culture on Earth think highly of or revere cockroaches? Does any culture worship cockroaches?

If there is, their word for cockroaches will be the word on the product.

(BuckRimfire) #5

It’s gotta be better for you than oat “milk.”

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According to the Web site, Amazing Animals Planet:

Cockroach milk is a protein rich, crystallized substance produced by a specific type of cockroach called Diploptera punctata. This species is unique because it gives birth to live offspring. Members make “milk” in the form of protein crystals to serve as food for their developing young.

“Diplo-” means folded (doubled over), “ptera” is Greek for wing. I’d have to look up whether “punctata” means pointed or punctured.

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Those tiny little roach milking machines are gonna be a bitch to clean.

(Rebecca ) #8

How does one milk a cockroach??:face_with_hand_over_mouth:


I’m going to stick with coconut milk, thank you :sweat_smile:

(Central Florida Bob ) #10

Can’t be much worse than the ones they milk the almonds with. Maybe bigger.

(squirrel-kissing paper tamer) #11

Don’t let’s pretend like there’s not already cockroach “every part” in a lot of our foods. I’ll pass on this one, though.

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Watching those thirsty little roachlings being born just makes me wanna pour myself a tall, cold glass of

…whiskey. With a Xanax chaser.

(Allie) #14

The article explains it, but don’t read if you’re squeamish.

(Rebecca ) #15

Thanks for the warning…I’ll skip it!


it really sounds frightening doesn’t it?

any branding, any use of life on this earth and then they have to nerve to call it a ‘super food’…all in that marketing :slight_smile: ugh

if this is the next super food, omg I can’t even imagine what comes after ‘this super food’ LOL yikes

(Allie) #17

The article does say there’s really no such thing as superfood.

The term “superfood” has become quite popular in recent years.

Nutritionally speaking, there is no such thing. However, certain foods have been called superfoods for marketing purposes if they are considered nutrient-rich and have been associated with health benefits.


yea no such thing as a super food yet the first darn sentence of the article says it is HAHA

plant that word into brains and real fast it becomes a marketing ploy that sticks…that darn super food…seems to be tons of them out there now LOL

right up there with that ‘magic pill’ HAHA

(Allie) #19

Click bait, everyone want that magic pill…


I know I wanted it til I finally figured it out it truly was not out there, damn big fairytale bashed hard :partying_face::partying_face::scream: