Cleaning my mugs, dishes, mixing bowls


Hi there.
I did a search and see there was a similar post a few years ago about cleaning up the fat and grease now that we’re cooking with so much (healthy) fat. But my problem right now is getting my coffee mugs, plates, and mixing bowls clean! Everything has a film of fat on it regardless of how hard I scrub. It looks clean until it’s dry, and then I find a build-up of fat, especially in my coffee mugs. And the travel coffee mug that I take to work with me every day is too deep for me to get my hands down to the bottom so I’m going to have quite a build-up soon.

Suggestions, please?

(Lazy, Dirty Keto 😝) #2

Dawn platinum liquid dish soap and a bottle brush for hand washing (probably your best bet)

Cascade platinum detergent for your dishwasher (I use the pods, personally)

Both of these work very well for me in regards to cutting grease.


On Amazon shopping for it right now. Thanks!

(Pete A) #4

Dish detergent and lots of it! On clothing too (from licking my plate and fat dripping haha).

(Michael - When reality fails to meet expectations, the problem is not reality.) #5

Easy Off.


… as in oven cleaner???


OMG - I just got through trying to get some dripped melted butter out of my top, and it’s a daily thing lately!!!

(Mary) #8

I drip some dish washing soap on a grease stain on clothes before throwing them in the wash. It’s never failed…


Dawn dish soap is a miracle worker on clothes. I’ve gotten out grease spots that had already been washed and dried. The commercial sprays built for stain removal doesn’t compare .

(Marianne) #10

Try a paste of baking soda and water. I find it’s a miracle cleaner, honestly.


I dont have that problem with Dawn and I dont use soap on my coffee mug, I just rinse with hot water and wipe it with paper towel. Hardy ever use soap on a frying pan, just paper towel.


Wow, what an interesting site - thank you for suggesting it!