Circadian rhythm fasting and working out

(Jared) #1

I’ve found that my best fasts, and more prolonged, come with starting early evening or late after noon and then stopping and eating late morning midday the next day. However my energy levels and work schedule find my best time to work out at gym around 10pm- midnight. Should I continue to hold out with eating, even if it’s no carb, until the next day or can working out justify eating some protein to the next day. I’ll be experimenting both ways, all kinds of ways. But I’m curious what the science and natural biological answer is adhering to my circadian rhythm fasting style.

(⚕ ⚕) #2

Recall that if you’re fat-adapted, you’re free to rethink the direct association of eating to the energy available for a gym workout. You’re tapping into energy stores that are more sustaining (and far older) than the direct carb-to-glycogen process which contemporary fitness advocates associate with working out.

My n=1 is that I work out early mornings. When I was doing intermittent fasting, I was not eating roughly 8 hours since my last meal the evening before. Now I’m blending eggs into my drink before the gym. I’ve experienced no difference at the gym. My satiety afterward, however, is improved, which is why I continue to do this.

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Thank you sir

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Are you finding sleeping easy working out this late at night? If you’re concerned with circadian rhythm doesn’t that involve waking around the sunrise time or soon afterwards and going to bed earlier than 12 midnight? Getting adequate sleep is important for keto too. :cowboy_hat_face: