Chris Froome Low Carb


Thought this was interesting. Not true keto but low carb.

(ianrobo) #2

given the amount of training he does and we know Sky used Ketones I would guess he is in Ketosis a lot of the time


Following the link to another article, they discuss Froome’s VO2 max. That part is amazing! While I’m sure Froome is reducing carbs in his life, I suspect that most is so that his weight during the tour is at a peak weight / strength. There is also talk of Sky using ketone salts which possibly makes sense for at least parts of the tour However, I highly doubt that he rides “in ketosis”. Once the tour is on carbs for sprints, pushing over mountains and generally racing are very important.

Froome’s VO2 max – the maximum volume of oxygen that an athlete can use, measured in millilitres per kilogramme of body weight per minute (ml/kg/min) – was recorded as 84.6.

At his Tour-winning weight it would correlate to 88.2, according to Esquire.

The general population has a VO2 max of 35 to 40, with highly trained individuals in the 50s and 60s. A few athletes have been measured in the 90s, including three-time Tour winner Greg LeMond.

Phillip Bell, a senior sports scientist at GSK, told Esquire: “Froome’s values are close to what we believe are the upper limits for VO2 peak in humans.”

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I think the we all about Pro’s though of whatever endurance sports that we can not ignore doping


Unfortunately that is true. Lot of money at stake.

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yep and esp with endurance sports where weight/power ratio is key

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I agree, doping never worked for me.
I tried a clip on ashtray on the handlebars but it looked so naff and anyway my reefers kept falling out. And by the time I’d turned round to pick it up the spectators were passing it around amongst themselves… now that was really unsporting !
The only success I ever had with drugs was when I was doing a 25 mile time trial and I snuck a fair sized chunk of Pakistan’s Finest Cannabis Resin into the timekeeper’s pipe. While he was off professing undying love and offering marriage to a nearby apple tree, I managed to alter the time sheet and that was the only time I actually won a time trial…in an excellent time too, 51minutes and 17 seconds !

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He’s not low carb during a race. Interesting article…

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yeah was going to post it but no way he could be LC during a race, impossible but basically following Peter Defty’s OFM without signing up to it !!

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Maybe froome is pretending that he.s on keto diet as a marginal gain. Nice to screw with your opponents and compromise their training and general health with a high fat high protein diet. Dont think you can climb for 45 mins at 7 watts per kilo on ketosis. When you see the guy slurp gel after gel on the finestre stage your not getting the impression that he.s keto.


I wouldn’t take seeing “the guy slurp gel after gel” as an indication he’s lying about keto. If you follow guys like Zach Bitter, during races they routinely consume 150-250kCal of carbs, but he follows a ketogenic diet the rest of the time.

Heck he even does some mini carbo-loading:

How you use carbs during activity is a lot different than when you’re idle.