Chicken livers


Where can you buy chicken livers? Here in FL they all seem to end up in dog, or cat food!
I want to make my own pate

(Bacon is a many-splendoured thing) #2

My local Stop ‘n’ Shop carries them. Any kosher butcher should have them. Most Jewish delis should have chopped chicken livers.

(Celeste Le Tard) #3

I made pate from chicken livers a couple of years ago - It is strange that they were scarce in Atlanta and then plentiful. Try large ethnic grocery stores as well. Good luck! It’s delicious!


I love it, but ready made contains sugar. I just want the livers, some herbs and butter!

(Celeste Le Tard) #5

I used a Julia Child recipe and bought a tiny bottle of cognac to add some. I don’t like whisky or Scotch, but it is recommended in Jacques Pepin’s recipe. No carbs in those, I don’t think. Cognac does… Let us know how yours turns out!

(Tovan Nhsh) #6

In Georgia most all grocery stores carry them. Generally in the poultry section in a pound & a quarter tub.

(Jo O) #7

Just ask at the meat counter of your local grocer.

Whole Foods definitely carries it. I buy several & freeze the extras. No change in texture.

FYI I fry them like Keto fried chicken plus some bacon fat.

(migorstmarseille) #8

My local butcher shop was where I went to get them, and that’s the only place. I told them I wanted about 2 lbs., and when I arrived at the shop two days later, there was about 7 lbs. in the freezer case in approximately 1 lb. containers. I bought 5 of them for about $5.50. Going back to get some more next week. I just heat up 1/2 an onion in bacon grease, reserve the onion, and then add the livers, salt and peppering (and sometimes a little garlic powder) until cooked through.


I’ve seen them at Publix packaged in styrofoam and cling wrap like the other chicken.

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At our local chicken shop they have hearts, livers, all that. But I’ve been phobic of offal in general although strangely I have liked liverwurst because it was presented as a treat when we visited my uncle at school holidays. Maybe I will get adventurous. That liqueur liverworst is tempting. :slight_smile:

(Sophie) #11

I’ve always loved the chicken bits, especially back in the day when I was frying them. I’ve been wanting to do some hearts but I can’t seem to find any now! Usually they are available, I’ve even found them at Walmart before. :expressionless:

(roxanna) #12

My Whole Foods doesn’t sell chicken livers but I think they are willing to order them.

(Jo O) #13

I had to ask the Wholefoods butcher. Apparently not enough people buy it. He ends up tossing a lot.
I told him, I’ll buy as many as I can fit in my freezer if it helps. I suggested he only put a few out with the rest of the package chicken. But keep some in the freezer section. (They are shipped frozen.)

It’s about the only thing I buy at Wholefoods these days.
Good luck

(Linda) #14

I’ve used this recipe for pate a few times, love it!

(maxwell evans) #15

I was looking for a chicken liver patte … found this recipe on pinterest easy and tasty …
Chicken Liver Patte Recipe

(Mark Rhodes) #16

I was in a steak house in Prairie Du Chain WI and they served Chicken liver and a slice of water chestnut wrapped in bacon. I tried making my own in the oven, not as crispy, going to try the deep fryer next.