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Hello first of at this time I am 6’2 242 lbs . In 2012 I was 389 lbs and had bariatric surgery . Right now I’m in a 40 pant and in button up shirts xl or XLT . In short sleeve Tshirt and polos I am stuck in the middle of 2xl are too big and xl are too tight in chest . I have loose skin around boobs and seem to have a barrel chest but not muscular . I love golf and have never been able to make a full
Turn with my chest . I want to loose fat around chest . I have been doing stretches for flexibility and haven’t noticed any more flexibility and yoga is not helping
I have been doing push-ups. I can do 5 good ones right now and 11 wirh knees on ground . I don’t want to go to gym and do bench or flys as I don’t want my chest any bigger and really limit golf swing . Any ideas

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The stretches may take time to work, but they should help. You might get some coaching to see how you can make them more effective at loosening you up.

Exercise will build muscle, but not generally do much to cause fat loss. Targeting areas where you want to lose fat doesn’t usually work, unfortunately.

One suggestion that might help is to cut carbs even further, to see if that aids further fat loss. Take a good look at what you are eating, and if there are any processed foods you are eating, try to cut them out. Take a look at your eating pattern, as well. The goal is to have as much time during the day when insulin is low, because that eliminates damage and enables excess fat to be shed.

Fasting might help, especially to tighten up the loose skin. Intermittent fasting is basically an extended version of the overnight fast, and many people start there, because it is easy to simply prolong the gap between supper one night and the first meal of the next day (a lot of people find themselves eating only one or two meals a day automatically on a ketogenic diet). From there, 36-hour fasts are an easy step. The benefit of fasting is that it promotes the process of autophagy, in which unneeded skin and connective tissue is consumed by the body and the proteins broken down for re-use. A certain amount of autophagy is always happening, but fasting seems to allow more of it to happen.

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Thanks I find fasting hard mentally not so much physically . I am doing mostly carnivore so carbs are limited


You don’t get to choose where you loose fat, but you can build muscle which helps huge. Muscle isn’t going to limit your mobility unless you go full on bodybuilder. Many people (myself included) needed to loose more than they wanted to get the overall body fat down to where you want it.


To lose fat, you can’t select from wnere, sorry, do water fasting. Up to 36 hrs-42hrs… will help you see some results. Dr. Fung has some videos about this on