Cheryl's 90 Day Carnivore Challenge: Started on Nov 01 going through to Feb 29, 2020

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What do the two bolded stand for?

(Daisy) #143

I’m going to a Brazilian steakhouse this weekend for my wedding anniversary! I’ve been to 2 others, I overeat terribly, but they are oh so good… lol. I emailed the company and made sure they don’t add sugar to their meats.

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And another morning here we get to journey on!

@Fangs I appreciate all that information. I’m going to have to really look hard at why I’m doing carnivore. Initially it was to kickstart my weight loss some more as well as an experiment on controlling my eczema. I have to admit the “eat all the meat” scares me because I do also have the goal of dropping another 30 lbs and I don’t want to get to much protein and fight a glucose issue. So more research it is.

As for the almond milk and other snacky foods, it was what was around during a social morning event but I totally get what your saying and I’m also picking up from @Ketodaisy that if I’m going to do this, that its not really an option to pick what is best from the options. MEAT … period.

On to my check in!
Mojo Keto reading this morning: 0.2 (woot it didn’t read low!)
Food list:
approx 1 to 1.5lbs of various forms of grassfed beef (t-round and chuck roast)
2 cups of bone broth
2.5 oz pork rinds.
several cups of black coffee
100+ oz of water

On the pork rinds I wasn’t really hungry but very much in deep desire for crunchy. My plan was to stop at only a few but soon the whole bag was gone. :frowning:

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I’ve been lurking here for a while and had been dabbling in carnivore for the past few months. This challenge has encouraged me to go “full” carnivore. I have been keto for the past year or so, but could never fully get rid of the cravings. I was still consuming diet soda and chewing sugar-free gum. I knew this was my down fall, but wasn’t will to give it up, until I read Kelly Hogan’s story that someone linked to on here. It has only been a little over a week since I have it all up, but I am feeling so much better! I am also eating only “real meat” (no processed meats) and to really cut back on hard cheeses and pork rinds. Thank you to everyone for all of the helpful posts as they really gave me a push in the right direction!


Another I’d definitely recommend is Amber O’Hearn. Links to her articles, and lots of other good info, can be found on I would definitely recommend her Guide to The Carnivore Diet.

Welcome and good luck!


Hi @Redrobins, glad to have you here giving carnivore a try! Please continue to share how you do since some of us are newbies with carnivore too. :heartpulse:


Hey Mark, love that Mojo reading this morning. :slight_smile: You’ve got a number now! That’s great. :slight_smile: Don’t worry about the pork rinds. It’s nice to have the crunchy along with the regular meats. The higher fat ratios to protein are good too so don’t worry about that. If you’re feeling like you need to go towards a higher fat ratio then do it. You just keep doing your own research and go with what seems like the best plan for you to reach your goals.



bone broth
ham and eggs
beef liver
ground burger with beef heart


s/b is skinless boneless —for a chicken breast

gf is grass fed butter


ahhhhhh, but this is what carnivore is all about.

eating absolutely to full satisfaction of meat…….meat is key here.

don’t ever ever limit your intake. if hungry you eat. simple as that.

if you don’t eat you can actually screw up your healing process.

being overweight is a symptom. it is from other problems in the body as with hormones etc. being out of whack due to poor eating…so it is vital to never be scared to eat meat when hungry.

also it is key in the beginning to not eat like deli meat as a meal…rely on pork rinds when wanting something………for the beginning of this commitment to meat is very important. Like feed the body meat instead of anything else any time you are hungry. But the good meats!

hang in there you are doing well and learning carnivore.


Just a note for anyone who might need it LOL and I know a lot of you guys don’t…but key thing is eat meat.

the dairy
the cheese
the deli meats
the beef sticks I eat

those are kinda not top dog here. All Carnivore guides recommend real good fresh meat. Cuts of meat.
Like steaks…all beef cuts, roasts…liver…hamburger…ribs, and more.

So when hungry think more of a big old hunk of meat. Carnivore works so much better off that. Good fresh meat heals the body. It is what it wants and we must feed it just that.

I get that ‘wanna have’ something different every now and then and throw in a chicken breast but now I think I need to pair it with beef.

beef treats everyone the best on this plan mostly :slight_smile:

we need to all be sure we are eating good meat as every meal. It truly is what carnivore is all about.

I started to get a too reliant on ‘beef sticks’ and easy stuff on my eating sometimes as I get less hungry and want less, so something like this suits me but NOW I am realizing I best not rely on stuff like that as much as I can.

I think it is meat now for me. Thinking real meat food before grabbing the easier stuff.

Carnivores say the more meat ya eat the better you heal up and thrive so I need to keep that in mind :slight_smile:

(Heather) #153

@Fangs, I completely agree! I have cut out the majority of the processed junk and I noticed that my cravings became even less. I still eat cheese (about 2 oz. per day), but I’m working on that. I also have 2 T. of HWC in my morning coffee, but it doesn’t affect my cravings, so I’m okay with that. I also feel the best when I eat beef! I ate chicken thighs for lunch and my body is saying, “Meh. Gimme more!”

On another note, does anyone feel “wired” all of the time? I feel like I’m on a “high” constantly and have trouble shutting my brain off when it’s time to go to bed. Of course, it’s way better than the carb coma I used to be in, but sometimes I just want to take a nap and relax, but my body doesn’t.


Yup. This is a benefit carnivore gives us. We have big energy. So much sometimes you don’t know what to do with it. I could be sitting on the couch and think…omg my body is saying move. Like inside is tingling to get the heck up and move. We were meant to move LOL So that is what I do. I get moving :slight_smile:

and brain fog is clear. I am shocked how clearly I think now vs. before. brain fog is a real deal out there and once you get rid of it and hit that better clarity in thinking, it is wild. just wild actually LOL

I like to use up my energy. When I do that, get good movement/exercise/walking/kayaking or whatever, I do better with the brain slowing down and I truly get a great sleep. I think they pair up in a way…well they do for me at least :slight_smile:

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Ya know that is what real life is about. Feeling your body and being in tune with it…….believe me we do win on Carnivore :slight_smile: We are living a very in tune life with healthy systems. It is cool :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

and it is hard for a carnivore to explain this to others. They don’t understand this feeling and it is super hard to put into words. Carbs rob the body so badly…our way of life gives us back our bodies.
I find it fascinating and just love this way of eating.


It is such a good observation. That the nutrition drives the need to be active. Dr. Phinney noted it in The Art and Science of Low Carb Living. It’s not exclusive to carnivore, but that is its conversational context here. I understand it to be due to low insulin and the induction of nutritional ketosis. So it spreads across a wide spectrum of ways of eating from vegetarian keto to carnivore.

It speaks toward some of the benefits of exercise threads on the forum, especially those where ‘motivation’ is discussed, or alluded to. Activity, like body fat loss is a side effect of nutritional ketosis for the lucky ones who recognise which way to set up the horse and cart. It works better with the nutritional ketosis up front. I do understand that activity, and these strange practices in some cultures of “work outs”, enhance ketosis and other metabolic benefits.But to engage in the physical activity and movement because it is instinctive, rather than will power driven just feels more right.

I totally agree with Fangs that responding to the need to be active, doing it, sorts out the difficulty of getting to sleep. I find building a house, watering and tending a food forest by carrying 20kg containers hither and tither, swimming in the ocean, doing housework, surfing etc leaves no time for these strange temples and shrines many refer to as gyms.

Lack of interest in exercise

I experienced this big time today. My freezer still has some regular keto stuff that hubby and I are trying to finish off to make room for more roasts, ribs and so on. So today for my afternoon meal I had some summer sausage. This is healthy, excellent summer sausage with no sugar/carbs or added nitrates, etc, but after I ate it it was like my body said, “Huh? That was nice but where’s the real meal?” Sigh. Lesson learned. Can I eat summer sausage? Yep. Did it taste good? Yep. Did it feel like it fed every cell in my body like a ribeye or a roast does? Nope.

It is amazing to me how easy it is becoming to know what my body wants for fuel. Food as fuel? Gee, now there’s a good idea.


Me too Renee. I notice that on food also and over the last weeks I realize some ‘meat’ foods don’t hold me. I ate like 8 link sausage the other day and it was like I ate nothing. Yea I was fine for an hr then I went looking for real food :slight_smile: I guess we all are gonna be feeling that as we change up food a bit cause we can.

I think I am going to look at certain things as ‘only side items’ to the beef I require. I like what you said you didn’t feel like every cell in your body was fed. I know that feeling. I think it is wonderful we can see things happening to us quickly. Make some corrections as we might need.

great post!

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These are all really great posts! I was an exercise fiend when I was eating SAD. When I went keto, I reduced my exercising a lot, but even the little I did, I found it triggered hunger signals, even though I wasn’t really hungry. I’m a bit nervous about starting again because of those “fake” signals. Also, while swimming in the ocean sounds beautiful, I live in Wisconsin, where today, the high was 20 :snowman:.

What kind of exercise regimen do some of you follow on carnivore?


Umderstood. That is one thing I’ve noticed a lack of. Even on keto I would sometimes want to eat for no reason.
It’s pretty well established that cravings tend to disappear, too. Just make sure to do what Fangs said: eat. Do not stop until you are full. Once your hunger signals start functioning in carnivore your body will tell you when to eat and what it wants. It will also let you know when it is unhappy about a food choice.
I run several times a week, do pushups, I’m trying to get back into a habit of mace and kettlebells but haven’t yet.