Cheryl's 90 Day Carnivore Challenge: Started on Nov 01 going through to Feb 29, 2020

(Cheryl) #102

Nice to see everyone is on point with the carnivore challenge. Isn’t it weird that the one issuing the challenge would cave last night and eat junk? And boy do I feel miserable.

Since quitting alcohol, because I can’t do that in moderation so abstinence is best, I find myself replacing wine with junk. Weekends are the triggers and my head is full of reasons why it’s OK to indulge. ACK!!! I know it’s the same pleasure centre in my brain looking for a fix so I know what to do. Abstain. Period.

So that’s the blip on my Carnivore journey. Better days ahead.

As a side note: I ate “carbage”. I feel bloated, hung over-like, poor sleep, anxious, short-tempered… just like when I used to have too much wine. Coincidence? I don’t think so.

As for magnesium, I prefer magnesium glycinate, the others don’t seem to work for me. I can tolerate 2 caps but if I have more than that, I have to stay close to the bathroom. Whoa!!!
Here’s to wrapping up the weekend on an up note, full on carnivore. No more monkey business!


oh yea, been there done that :slight_smile: it can make ya feel very bad! Sorry you felt so crappy.

Yea it is hard to change those ‘specific’ times. Those true habits that are set in like cement. We can change and feel wonderful and then that ‘habit time’ comes and we struggle.

I totally understand it.

Find replacement things, like say on the weekends you are going to eat your absolute most delish meal…meat or seafood…like find that little upgrade on your weekends to focus there. Instead of what you are giving up, like the wine, say you are going to instead have the best side food, like some seafood you love to death and have it with the best meat you love to eat. If you got favorite BBQ joint around you that you love, order a big old slab of ribs to bring home…Or give yourself something to do…gonna shop a bit or hit a movie or hang with some friends.

Thing is…pinpoint that time that might draw you in and find that way to make it different. Any way you can to take that focus off the old set in habit time. Best we all can do and it does work if we put in some effort. Not sure if any of that will help LOL but take what you will and throw the rest :slight_smile:

doing well on plan

yesterday was
8 oz ribeye
1 s/b chicken breast
7 jumbo shrimp with a bit of alfredo sauce for dipping

I feel some hunger ramping back up after a few good days of not having any.

not sure on food today but I think it will be heavier in general. will see what I woof down.

(Cheryl) #104

Thanks Fang, it’s not even about the food. And it’s not hunger. Thing is my rational brain doesn’t want it but my limbic brain wants the crunch and salt and mouth feel. It’s a dance I’ve had with the internal beast and I know it so well. I’ve got this! I’ll be fine. Stay tuned for cheerier updates. Booyah!!! :+1:


yea I know. it stinks doesn’t it? we have to have an inner fight with ourselves. did it a lot also. it is never fun.

sounds like you know what is happening and you know what you will have to do to tackle it and fix it!!! best anyone can do!! Rock on!!


@CherylP Hey, we’ve all been there! {{{hugs}}} Good thing is that you know what you need to do and you’ll do it or you wouldn’t be here. :heart:

It’s amazing how bad we can feel after an encounter with carbage, isn’t it? UGH! I hope you’ll be feeling better asap!


Yesterday’s menu:

bone broth
chicken hearts
2 eggs
New York Strip
Lots of fat


Renee when you say lots of fat is that added or just in the meats etc. you are eating? just curious on that.


Both. It depends on what I’m eating in any given day. Because I need to keep my fat to protein ratio at 2 to 1 (and because I’m still new at this) I track my fat/protein macros. I say lots of fat because 2 to 1 kinda feels like lots of fat, lol. I’m starting to notice my body craving fat though so I’m hoping that after a while I won’t need to track.

Maybe I should just omit that I’m having fat? I only listed it because right now it still feels like it is extra to help meet my ratio.


No you keep saying it, I like reading exactly how one eats and what is required for them to handle this plan. It is good you write it out each and every day how you eat…definitely don’t change it :slight_smile:

I have super fat high days also where the body requires it. So I definitely understand and it is good to keep tracking it on this thread cause one day you are gonna type something like…not as much fat…on that list and I am curious when that goes down for ya :slight_smile:

(Mark Nelson) #111

Absolutely no one is perfect and I’m glad your listening to your body on its reaction to the carbs!
I had un unexpectedly unscheduled day and those are the days where, when my mind is free to wander, that I find the biggest struggles. Fortunately I dove into some projects that have been on the back burner and successfully navigated the “down” day without any wibbly wobbly’s!

Keep strong and Keto on!

(Mark Nelson) #112

Okay my check in for yesterday.
I know I ate on plan but exactly what I don’t quite remember.
note I’ve been living in basic low level fear for a few weeks and simple decisions or actions are really F’n hard. Example The thought of tracking food sparks the following dialog:
You need to track your intake because you need to know your protein vs fat ratio. But wait, your only eating some random beef cuts and its angus and its not packaged from the store so you don’t know the ratios and anything you pick from a list is just a guess so it’s going to be wrong. So if your not going to be perfect about it why do it? Ah your going to fail anyway so just eat and forget it.


I will take the time today to write what I bite. I need to get an understanding of what I’m eating, even if everything is on plan as I understand that the protein to fat ratio is important due to the to much protein intake gets converted to glucose in the liver and will cause issues.

I did not take my ketone levels when I woke up and I’ve already had my black coffee with a tablespoon of butter.

Yesterday I did eat only grassfed beef but less than 1/2 lb as I wasn’t really that hungry. I did eat 2.5 oz of pork rinds. I love the crunch.

110oz of water
and my supplements
500mg Mag 1 in the am and 1 in the pm
10,000mg biotin in the am
3 capsules of Grassfed Beef organ supplements in the am and 3 in the pm


Hi Mark, it sounds like you are doing a good job with carnivore, well done! Seems like many carns don’t bother to track their macros including their fat/protein ratio. The only reason I’m doing it right now is because I’m doing a special Keto/Carnivore diet: The Paleolithic Ketogenic Diet (PKD) because I’m hoping to see some big improvements in my heath. They require a 2 to 1 ratio, fat to protein. I’m hoping to get to a point where I’ll be able to tell if I’m hitting that ratio just by going by my body’s signals. Although I’ve been regular Keto for 3 years, I’ve just started Keto/Carnivore in the last couple of weeks.

I love the crunch of eating pork rinds!! Good eating, my friend. :slight_smile:

(Mark Nelson) #114

Thank you for the encouragement!
I’m interested in making sure I don’t over eat on the protein because of the bodies processing it and doubling the fat also is the general way to encourage the ketosis cycle.

I too am doing carnivore in an experiment to try to reset my auto immune system around an ongoing eczema flare up.

Crossing fingers for a positive result for all of us!


If you try glycinate I’d say don’t get the powder. That is the most awful tasting stuff I’ve ever choked down.

(Mark Nelson) #116

Advice taken!
Thank you :slight_smile:


Mark on starting carnivore it is key to eat. eat as much as you need. never ever not eat :slight_smile: very important. You can not overeat protein on the carnivore plan. The body heals from within with eating good protein and a lot of it. It sets your body into deep keto and heals and controls hunger and more…that is if you allow it to do that so eat.

don’t worry one bit about macros or tracking. Carnivore plan does not do that BUT individuals will do it cause they have a personal interest to know. I mean if you really want to do it, absolutely cool, but never let it worry or upset you or get on your nerves is all I am saying :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

so never worry about any tracking.

Been carnivore for years. Never once tracked a thing. I ain’t got it in me. I hate doing that work…but like Renee said if I had a reason I needed it I would, well, maybe lol.

(Daisy) #118

Sounds like everyone is doing great! I had not a great eating day today, but that’s ok, today is done.

We had a church lunch and I had made some hard boiled eggs to take…but I forgot them… :frowning: I also took buffalo chicken dip, but hadn’t planned to eat it since it had so much cheese and ranch dressing. It’s a wonderful keto food, but I don’t consider it a carnivore food. But there was literally nothing that anybody brought that was good for me to eat. So I ate a couple pieces of pepperoni, my chicken dip, and a few different kinds of meatballs (apparently meatballs were the unofficial meal of today). I ate a bite of 2, but they tasted sweet. Then I ate 3 large ones from a guy who told me they had no sugar in them. But I had immediate stomach distress, followed by stomach pain the rest of the day and cravings. I finished the buffalo chicken dip for dinner with some pork rinds.


Aw Daisy, bless your heart, it’s so frustrating to prep a food to take to an event and then forget it, ugh!!! You DID try to eat as healthy as you could though and that shows dedication! {{hugs}} Hope you feel better soon. :heart:


Ahhh that is a tough day Daisy. Stinks when you get caught like that.

sorry on that stomach distress also…ewwww….no one wants to go there :slight_smile: hope you feel better fast!


What is that acronym? Ok, read on a bit further… Restless Leg Syndrome.

I had magnesium problems in my 21 day carnivore test. That resolved by increasing the elemental magnesium (the magnesium part without the glycinate) to 600mg per day - split into two doses. The 600mg was from an estimate of ancestral intake. But I also reverted back to standard keto intake of some low carb vegetables after a visit to hospital emergency.

There are some theories about mineral depletion on ketocarnivore especially if a person is type 2 diabetic or highly insulin resistant. The latter comes from an off the cuff comment by a ketofriendly doctor in Q & A session at a recent low carb conference. They noted that available magnesium is depleted at a higher rate in T2D patients.