Cheryl's 90 Day Carnivore Challenge: Started on Nov 01 going through to Feb 29, 2020

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I’ve thought about tracking mine. I took a morning ketone level two days ago and the meter just read “low”.

Now that I’m in at day 3 and should solidly be in ketosis (been eating keto over 2 years with the only stretches of eating excess carbs a few days at a time).

I don’t know what my glucose levels were before. What a should I be looking for in the numbers?


The most interesting are changes.

But an elevated blood glucose, or blood glucose higher than expected in a normal range, can indicate how your body is responding to the diet change, and over a longer term, how it may have adapted.

In my n=1 on carnivore, the diet change may have stimulated a mild sympathetic nervous system response, resulting in a slightly higher cortisol and resultant persistently higher blood glucose.


After a couple of days on carnivore my ketones were 2.4. They were usually in the 1.4 range while doing strict keto for 3 years. Next time I’ll do both the glucose and ketones with my Mojo.


never tracked ketones. I don’t eat any carbs and am so deeply keto adapted that I just don’t think it matters for me. On strips it won’t register since I am long term carnivore and I am too lazy to go into blood stuff. But I have no underlying problems tho that I would even care to know.
If you truly go full carnivore ketone testing kinda doesn’t matter BUT of course for some it can be important and if one is inclined, go for it.


That’s the Paleo Medicina paleo ketocarnivore version of carnivore Renee?

They aim for a high blood ketone:glucose ratio for therapeutic effect.

That’s a good result in heading toward a ratio of 1. The ketones are spilling… it would be interesting to know how much acetone (breath ketones) and acetylacetate (urine ketones) are present.

The various flavours of carnivore will create a spectrum of data and anecdote.

A key primary thing as @Fangs alludes to is the subjective feeling of wellness in Cheryl’s awesome festive season busting carnivore adventure. There is good community support in this thread and the feedback that when people are sticking to the aims, a feeling of achievement as well as wellness. And just as importantly the honest slips and how people feel about those. And more than the honest slips and situations that create them, the way that people acknowledge them and get back to the challenge. The net result is a tide of health improvement and community mental support.



That’s the Paleo Medicina paleo ketocarnivore version of carnivore Renee?

Yes, that’s the version of carnivore I’m doing. :slight_smile: Thank you for mentioning the difference. I’m still learning and this forum has been such a H U G E help to me. I loved regular keto and am enjoying keto/carnivore too. :slight_smile:


Woke up early. 5:30 am. Dark and quiet. Love that.

Got very strange yesterday in that I woke up not hungry then went into grazing mode. I don’t like grazing mode. All day I wanted to eat. Had to check myself a few times. Nothing really satisfied me.

yesterday food was
8 link sausage
12 jumbo shrimp with homemade alfredo sauce for dip
2 beef sticks
can of sardines
few slices salami
chunk of cheddar
4 slices bacon

I realize my mistakes here. I need beef. Heavy good protein. When I get this way and nothing floats my boat and my mind is focused on food I realize pretty quick what is going on with me. Not enough good solid hardcore beef!

Today is big old 12 oz ribeye later. I put a chuck roast in the crockpot this morning and it will be ready for chowing down later in the day. So ribeye and chuck roast. Heavy hitters I require right now.

As I get less and less hungry I eat less and less and then boom…I have to be careful so straight back to beef only right now. And a lot of it :slight_smile:

Hope everyone is doing well. We got this :slight_smile:

(Mark Nelson) #130

Good Morning.

Mojo Ketone reading : Low
Weight: 233.4 (evening scale reading)
waist 48.5

Yesterday food intake:
5 pcs of bacon
2 tbl spoons of cream cheese
1 ounce of salmon
Coffee 2 tablespoons of almond milk
2 sticks of string cheese
3 oz of pork rinds
10 Slices of salami
2/3rd lb grass feed ground beef.

Time to take on the day!


you are doing very very well.

now kill that almond milk…so bad
almonds, toxins of cyanide in it.
all almonds have it, bitter almonds will kill ya fast, sweet almonds they use makes it ‘less nasty’ but that toxin is in there point blank.

use heavy whipping cream for coffee. All good and tastes a ton better and gives you great fat content~!

string cheese…read label. a lot of it is held together with ‘cornstarch’ cause they gotta do that in processing.

eat real fresh delish natural cheese. but the best darn ones ya love!

cream cheese…hard cheese only mostly on carnivore…and for the life of me I have the info why you should not eat this :slight_smile: but I can’t find it right now. LOL

soft cheese vs. hard cheeses…there is a big diff. but I will go find out why cause it is in the aging. casein etc. changes with aging vs. non-aging.

but remember one thing, these are hardcore carnivore suggestions.

if you do fine on a few spoonfuls of cream cheese then have at it.
if you do ok on almond milk I still say get rid of that nasty stuff right now…dump it! LOL

NOW LOOKING at your entire menu. All good.

Thing is if you replace all that smaller food with big food.

2/3 lbs. of beef

OMG eat


focus on meat. simple as that.

Eat the biggest darn amt of beef you can. Enjoy the heck out of it.
Eat tons of chicken thighs or whatever you enjoy.

this is a ‘nibble’ type of day.

Carnivore is meat. MEAT!!!

and the reason I say this is if you focus on the beef and chow down, you will start to lose the need for salami snack…string cheese snack…pork rinds, who needs them truly? In that the meat focus is now in your menu and if wanted later then have some…but once you eat a ton of true meat…your needs change big time.

Start your day with a lb. ribeye steak and bacon.

when hungry again eat a 1 lb. cheeseburger patty

and then all that extra goes away. All that nibbling leaves you and you are full, satisfied, happy big time and fall into a carnivore state of life you will find wonderful!!!

again please take this all with a grain of salt cause key to new carnivores is power down the meat! It isn’t snack away with cheese or anything like that but when we power down the meat into our system big time and eat so great we thrive…….we can find ourselves changing it up a bit and adding or substracting what we might want to eat on that day down the line later.

when I find the soft cheese vs. hard cheese info I will post it LOL
I hope you take all my hardcore carnivore stuff I post to you in good form cause it is meant that way. We aren’t keto. Not by a long shot. We aren’t ‘dieters’. We aren’t calorie counters. We aren’t any plan we know from the old diet days. We are a plan in itself of true eat the meat and thrive people.

We are carnivore and we power down the meat in big meals. It is key to us.


Seconding this. Almond milk, almond flour, almonds…
Almonds are high in oxylates which are bad news.


Yesterday’s eats:

bone broth
beef liver
rib eye
and yummy beef short ribs

(Cheryl) #134

Chaffles and bacon for breakfast. No lunch, not hungry. Dinner tonight at a steakhouse. Bring on either the prime rib roast or rib eye steak… decisions, decisions!!!

(Edith) #135

If you have a Costco nearby, they sell a big tub of Utz pork rinds. I had to stop buying it because I was eating too many pork rinds. They are my downfall.

(Daisy) #136

What beef sticks do you use? I never seem to find any that don’t have corn syrup in them :unamused:

(Daisy) #137

So I’m learning a lot about myself right now, which is a really good thing. Some things I learned yesterday:
trust nothing that anyone else makes.
If there’s no food I can eat, don’t eat. Don’t look for the “best option”.
Read every label!! I know this already, daggone it, I know this! So how in the world did I wind up with pork rinds that had sugar in them?! They’re gone now and I’m not planning to buy anymore. I’m planning to get further and further away from anything that has touched a process.
My sensitivity to sugar is getting worse and worse and I really need to use caution.

So I was helping my husband move a picnic table this evening and pulled a muscle really bad in my back. I’m hoping my anti inflammatory diet will help this to be a quick recovery. We’ll see!

Food today was pork roast for lunch and more pork roast for dinner. Only salt added. Oh and I never remember to list this, but I also had my frozen beef liver “vitamin”. I have this every day that I remember, which is probably 4 to 5 days a week. Covered in salt. The taste is really growing on me, surprisingly!

I also made some magnesium body butter with cacao butter/tallow today. I usually use coconut oil in it, so am excited to try the tallow version instead!


Daisy, that pulled muscle sounds painful. I sure hope you feel better asap!!

I’m glad those sugary pork rinds are gone. Nutritional label reading is an absolute must these days. There are some brands out there that are just pork rinds and salt. Hang in there!! :green_heart:


I like these sticks. check out the site. just be sure you make sure the ingredients on which ones you buy. beef sticks are sugar free but the original jerky has 2g in it on carbs…so just check out which ones interest you. I google things like sugar free beef sticks etc and hit a few good website options then just try them all slowly. I like Mission Meats tho.

from their site… What’s NOT in our meat snacks:

  • No sugar
  • No dextrose fillers
  • No gluten
  • No nitrates or nitrites (except for those occurring naturally in celery juice)
  • No hormones
  • No antibiotics
  • No GMOs
  • No MSG

and I find to buy products that suit me I truly have to order online and have stuff mailed to the house. I live in an area that truly good options like this aren’t on grocery store shelves. We are kinda in the boondocks and if I went into the big city I could get good stores but I’m not willing to drive that far, easier to sit on the couch and order what I need and just have them delivered right to the door LOL


Cheryl let us know how your steakhouse adventure went, you know I need to know what meat option you ordered :slight_smile:

Eating bigger beef. Wow just what the body wanted. Feel wonderful.

8 oz ribeye steak in the morning. just what I needed.

1 s/b chicken breast pan fried in gf butter…yum

8 oz ribeye steak…yes, another one later in the day…just what I needed again :slight_smile:
paired with 7 jumbo shrimp with homemade alfredo dip sauce

I ate very well. I feel so darn good. I think today I am eating heavy again. Scale dropped a bit which is always good. I have my crockpot chuck roast I cooked the other day on my menu today. I don’t mind this reheated so this is a great meat to cook and hold til I want it in the fridge.

Carnivore all the way baby!!


You’re the true defnition of Joey’s “here come the meat sweats” :joy::joy:

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What do the two bolded stand for?