Cheese Crisps - Kiwi Style

(Martin Danner) #1

Here’s the New Zealand version of @carl 's yummy recipe.


Excellent stuff. I use cheddar for these also (Australian stuff, not NZ!). That said, I usually grate it but never thought of just putting them in as little pieces - I’ll try that next time.

(Megan) #3

I’ve never heard of tasty cheese. Maybe I’ll try this with cheddar. I’ve been meaning to find an easy recipe for cheese crisps. The pre-made stuff is expensive!

(Cathy) #4

I LOVE the idea of using a muffin tin to create perfectly round cheese crisps! I will try that next time in my silicone ones. I suppose I could even microwave them that way…


I like the internet because I get to chuckle at little difference between countries:
“Ohh, I see you are using a white cheese; what kind is it? Monterey Jack? Mozzarella? Swiss?”
“It’s tasty.”
“I’m sure it is; what kind is it?”
“Yes yes, I know you like your cheese…”

(Martin Danner) #6

Tasty cheese is a local generic term for aged cheddar, though I think it’s aged only a short time.

(Megan) #7

Good to know! Thank you

(8 year Ketogenic Veteran) #8

LMFAO TIL :laughing:


Well, I finally got around to doing these, and once I got the proper proportions sorted out, they work fine without the cheese being grated. I found for my moulds, a slice of cheddar about 3mm thick was perfect when cut into 4 pieces.

(Cathy) #10

I am shocked to learn that shredding is not necessary! All the wasted time and effort on shredding cheese and trying to spread it in uniform piles!!! Who knew?!

(Duncan Kerridge) #11

I stumbled upon making cheese crisps with grated mozzarella the other day, can’t remember what I was making but some mozzarella slipped off it into the frying pan. When I extracted it it was crispy and delicious. So the next day I dumped a load of mozzarella into an eight inch pan, no oil, and fried it up. When it’s browned underneath peel it off the pan and flip the mozzarella pancake over (trickiest part) and then brown the other side. Slide it out of the pan and let it cool and then cut into squares. Delicious

(Adam L) #12

Did these today with Aussie tasty cheese - too easy! Put a nice little piece of ham and a dollop of homemade mustard mayo on top, delicious.

(Cathy) #13

I have silicone covers for bowls etc. and used a large one with chopped cheese in the microwave and it came out really great.