Cheese crackers


I’ve not been right since my second bout of covid so don’t be too hard on me.
I need a bit of an intervention.
I don’t know why crackers but I’m eating a pack of cheese crackers on an almost daily basis.
Now, I’m aware of the implications. I don’t know if its the salt or the fibre (they are usually cairns oat crackers or similar) or the stodge factor.
I would really like to give them up.
What can I use unstead. Oh, I eat cheese also and I think that’s where I got a taste for them.
Can anyone recommend something to replace them with? I don’t want to give up eating cheese, though.
Wonder if it might be the crunchyness??


Maybe make your own Whisps? I posted this link just yesterday on another thread. Making your own really slows down how many you eat at one setting. Yea, I was addicted to the bags of Whisps, making my own tamed that down.

You can also make fat head crackers (recipe is in the forums food section) and add in grated cheese of choice. I don’t do those, I like the crunch of the whisps.


Mmmm. Just watched a vid on them. We don’t get them over here. Can you link your recipe?

(Bacon by any other name would taste just as great.) #4

Pork rinds also go great with cheese, I find.


Click into my post above yours where it says Schoolyard Snacks, the web site has great info on these for the oven.

I use just parma cheese in mine and instead of the oven, I use my microwave, which is 1200w for one min. a less powerful one might need a few seconds more. I pile mine in a mini muffin pan made of silicone for this task and I put 1/2 to 1 teaspoon in each slot. They always turn out great.


Sometimes if I crave salt, I just have some. A little bit of Himalayan salt straight. I figure the body is trying to tell me something. If I crave umami… which the is the cheese I may try pickle, blue cheese, nutritional yeast on a thin slice of tomato.


Cheese crisps are easy to make in the microwave

I can turn a 12-slice package of cheese into cheese crisps in less than 10 minutes (4 batches; 3 slices per batch; 2 minutes per batch). You can use silicon cupcake molds, but I find the 3-well and 6-well silicon trays so much easier to load and unload. I’ve created crisps with sliced cheeses, sliced off from blocks, and shredded. They all work.

But you really need the silicon molds to keep their shape and texture consistent. I used to make them on parchment paper or a silicon mat, and they tend to spread all over when the cheese gets molten.