Check out this Sous Vide schedule 😊

(Dirty Lazy Keto'er, Sucralose freak ;)) #1

So I have boneless skinless chicken thighs in right now… But those are quick… Will be out in an hour, and seared for dinner.

Then, in goes beef short ribs, for 20-24 hrs @ 158… Out Tues evening for dinner…

And in will go a big bag of Pork tips for 20 hrs @ 150. These will be for several of my breakfasts… And will be out Weds evening… But then what’s for dinner ? Leftover chicken thighs from tonight, of course.

Then, after the Pork Tips come out, in goes a big, fat Beef Tri Tip for dinner Thursday… And leftovers for my weekend sandwiches :wink:

So it looks like my SV machine is going to be running continuously for like 75 hrs…

I learned about Sous Vide here a few months ago, but I’m sorry, I don’t remember who it was that turned me on to it ? Anyway, thank you, but you really created a SV monster :grinning: lol

(PSackmann) #2

Sounds good, what are Pork tips?

(Dirty Lazy Keto'er, Sucralose freak ;)) #3

Well, I wasn’t sure either :grin: lol But they were so darn cheap it was rediculous… $1.28 a lb ! So I had to see for myself.
Turns out, it’s just the scraps trimmed from along the back bone. The pieces are more or less strips though, about 1 1/2" thick, by 2 1/2" wide, but with chunks of bone here or there. Decent amount of fat mixed throughout it too though.
It’s in the SV machine now, and if I can make it good, I can make “anything” good :smiley: lol