Cheat Days thoughts


nope, not even close LOL
but I sure understand those dipping back to lc and zc. I did it for like 2 years til I found me in all this. I so get your post :slight_smile:


Yeah, its pretty rare nowadays for me to eat that. But, there are THOSE days from time to time- that call for an intervention.:joy: I

The main reason I have for posting though, is so that Ketoers who want to stay on plan but are still taunted by the carbolific junk food out there- can still enjoy a safe version and not feel deprived. That helped me SO much during my early days. Even when I was on Atkins years ago.


oh yea I sure get that. I had a lot of tricks and more to help me transition thru the crazy of it…when a newbie you are a newbie :), I sure had rough newbie times!! we truly have to find ways to make it work!!