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For many years I’ve given a modest contribution to the American Heart Association. I used to be one of their neighborhood reps (they would send me addresses and envelopes and I would mail out their literature to my immediate neighbors).

That was a while back, but my memory is that at THAT time they recommended fruits and vegetables and limited meat sources.

I just got some literature from them and there is no mention of diet at all – the recommendations are limited to exercise levels.

Has the American Heart Association “gone Keto?” Or do they have some way of knowing that I have?

Just wondering how widely this Ketogenic message is being understood and assimilated.


Well the last request for a donation they were still supporting the SAD so I don’t think they have converted to Keto at all.

I have stopped donating to a charity we supported for years. I finally learned what they were distributing, it is a major food bank around here. I just couldn’t support that anymore.

I’m going to be using those monies to try and support some of the independent researchers who are looking a keto/lchf, relationship of our genes to what we eat, that sort of thing.

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Please read Nina Teicholz’s Big Fat Surprise for a detailed history on how, decades ago, the AHA enabled Ansel Keys and powerful industries to screw up America’s, and, ultimately, the world’s health. I see no compunction from the AHA for this massively defective albatross of a global experiment they put us into, in where they are today:

You’re better off charitably giving to The Nutrition Coalition.

That’s a heart-healthy donation, for sure.



Thanks for the reply and the link to Nina Teicholz’s article. Your response, and the preceding one, from Collaroygal, are very helpful to me as I pour through the information, not only on the Keto diet per se but on the ancillary implications.

I don’t “speak science” well enough to understand all of Teicholz’s and Thorne’s arguments, but am confident that I understand the gist.

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Thanks for your response.

If you find an organization that studies the issues you here mention, please let me know.