Channel 4 on Dieting

(ianrobo) #1

I do love Food unwrapped on C4 and tonight about dieting (of course) and aready questioning the official plate. First up is the Dr Unwin (or has helped so many lose weight) from the North and looks like a High fat person with creamy coffee etc !

even mentioned an high fat salad !

UK Celebs go Carb Free for TV
(ianrobo) #2

this is the good doctor

(ianrobo) #3

oh this is good … going it Iceland, the king of Fat ! looking a positive for us

(ianrobo) #4

really positive about this prog, still some myths can be exploded but it is miles better than the usual stuff you get.

(ianrobo) #5

no comments on this which I found strange, this programme really was a break through for fat in the UK. The first thing they started with was bulletproof coffee !

(ianrobo) #6

Oh I want to go to Iceland !