Changes at ADA and AHA

(BuckRimfire) #1

In a recent episode, the Dudes mentioned that the ADA and AHA have made incremental changes to their diet recommendations, as if they were starting to understand that the old advice was bad but they don’t want to make a radical reversal.

I should go back and try to find it and listen again, but my memory is that they didn’t get very specific. Can anyone point me to a “compare and contrast” of the previous and current recommendations by those organizations?

(Omar) #2

those people are worthless…

The role of low-carbohydrate diets in patients with diabetes remains unclear (72)

(BuckRimfire) #3

THAT’S the change? Did they not even mention the concept “low-carb” previously?

(Omar) #4

they even mention keto in name but they say it is not a long term thing

(Dwayne Robinson) #5

Yes, they did acknowledge low carb.
In one sentence.
“Some people will find they get better results with lower carbohydrate intake”
Hidden amongst fifteen pages in how to eat high carb.

Recently, the Ada and EASD, filled a joint position paper. Pg 12 says the following
Low carbohydrate , <26% total energy [calories] provided substantial benefit at six months but little at 24 months"
No benefit of moderate carbohydrate 26-45% [of total energy/calories]
This was published in October 2018.
Earlier this month, they released their standard SOC annual document and they state (my paraphrase)
There is no set amount of each macro that is right for all Diabetics.

Well, wonder what changed from October when they listed VERY specific amounts of carb and the results of said specific levels.

The ADA is a sham.
They suggest medication to lower glucose and a diet that raises it.
There’s no bones about it.
They care more for those drug company dollars more than they do truth and definitely we Diabetics.

On the flip
If more diabetics challenged the status quo, thought for themselves, didn’t settle for “just because” answers from their doctors, and stopped thinking “that’s what the pill’s for”
The ADA would be out of buisness, out of our hair and out of our way.

They are making stuttering steps towards the truth. But we don’t have the luxury of time. We must go after those seeking answers and truth NOW.
Every new case of complications isn’t just a statistic, it’s a real human.