Chaffels with full size waffle maker?

(Brent) #1

Everyone I see making the chaffels are using the dash mini waffle makers. How well does making a chaffel work on a standard sized waffle maker like the following:


(Rebecca ) #2

I’m sorry I can’t answer that, but I’m sure some must have used the larger ones. I’ve only used the Mini Dash.


Cannot answer either. What I love about the Dash which I got for $10 on sale, is that when you follow the instructions nothing sticks. I oiled it before first use, let it get hot, and so on. The first time I tried to show my parents, I did not follow the instructions and I had to start all over again but then never had a problem. The downside to the Dash is the waffles are tiny, this is not for a family


And I imagine you use it often and since long?
Once I bought a waffle maker (and it can make sandwiches and have grill plates(?) too) and used it a few times and the dough completely sticks into it, even when oiled, I just keep it for the rare times I want to use it for the other 2 functions :frowning:
So there are waffle makers that actually work for long? I think my previous one did the same and I didn’t even eat waffle so often :frowning: But I won’t buy a new one every few years… Waffles are fun.


I got the mini Dash about a year ago. I used it a lot when I first got it but to be honest, I lost interest in it after a few months. I do not love chaffles especially as I prefer fried eggs on the stove. Yesterday I took it out for the first time to see if it was better for my modified palachinkin following your recipe, than simply using a regular frying pan that was not non stick. It was a little better and nothing did stick although I had to be careful taking it out. The one time I used it incorrectly the way I cleaned it was plugging it back in and pouring a little water in and heating it. My biggest frustration is the chaffles are so small you tend to eat as you go (which I always did with real palachinkin too!) or find a way to keep them warm. Even preketo I preferred pancakes to waffles, I prefer soft and chewy to crispy in general. As of now nothing sticks to it as long as you follow the instructions and oil slightly prior to using when it is new

(Bob M) #6

I use a full size waffle maker, and make two chaffles for a sandwich. I then cut this in half and pick up each half.

We used a mini-Dash, but I found it too small.

Lately, I’ve used 3 large eggs (US size, around 170-180 grams of liquid eggs) with “Mexican” cheese (usually a 3 cheese blend), and then I add some garlic powder and onion powder. Take the liquid eggs, split into two parts (up to 90g each part), add 55-60 grams of cheese for one part, put in the waffle maker. Make this one, plate that, add mustard and meat. Make the other chaffle similarly (80g or so liquid egg, 55-60g cheese), add more mustard to the meat, add the other chaffle.

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BTW, I’ve been meaning to ask: Do people pronounce the word as though it rhymes with “raffle” (CHAFF-f’l) or with “waffle” (WOFF-f’l)?


I can relate :slight_smile: That’s how I eat pancakes: right away. It’s fine for me.

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(Bob M) #10

I say Chaff -full. It’s a good way to have a sandwich you can pick up, but it’s really not waffle-like, or at least the ones I make aren’t.

(Brent) #11

Ya like the others i thought they were pretty good but wanted to use them for either regular or open face sandwiches otherwise you would be making a slightly large slider. I do have a dash but they are so tiny. I want sometime more substantial. I might give it a try tonight.

(Bacon is better) #12

Thanks, folks! Now I know how to say it, lol! :+1:

(Bob M) #13

For me, a chaffle just provides a way of picking up a sandwich, and also I’m getting three eggs at a time. Since I don’t eat breakfast, and most egg recipes don’t really travel well for cold lunches (what I’ve been eating lately), I don’t eat many eggs. On the weekend, I’ll make chaffles to help get some eggs in.

You can eat “sandwiches” without chaffles or any other bread-like pick up device, but I find them very messy. I’ve pretty much given up on them, and choose instead to throw meat into a bowl and eat it that way. With chunks of cheese, if desired. More like a “meat salad”, though I tend to add no dressing and just salt or Tajin seasoning.


Oh. To me, eggs are wonderful for cold meals but tastes differ (and I probably know more egg dishes as I eat eggs all the time. I started to say I don’t eat sandwiches but I totally do, my eggy sponge cake and something else like sausage but cheese works too)…

Maybe I will try to make chaffles (I didn’t even know waffle doesn’t rhyme with it… I hear some English is videos but I mostly write and read and pronounciation isn’t good) again… I usually dislike cheesy stuff (I like cheese but not as ingredient in food, usually and even then, just a bit, eggs must overpower it like crazy) but cheese itself is great and now that I have almost completely cheese-free weeks, I noticed I enjoy a very cheesy day afterwards… So chaffles have a chance even if I don’t have a proper (not super sticky) waffle maker. I do have a waffle mold, that’s one side but maybe the shape doesn’t even matter…

My fav sandwich is messy :smiley: And warm so it’s for home anyway. I only eat them once in a blue moon but it’s nice.
I use my sponge cake bread muffins for sandwiches but whenever I travel with it, I bring the ingredients separately.

(KCKO, KCFO) #15

We make them on a standard square waffle maker, the plates fit our GF Grill, and they are non stick surfaced.

I also has a small Dash if I just want something for myself. Both work fine.