Celebrating incredible 3 years

(Robin) #1

Where did the time go? Yesterday marks 3 years since I first started with keto. Heard of it through my ex. Who knew.

1 year keto. 2 years carni. But can’t really wear that badge legitimately anymore as I have started regularly adding some stuff like grilled onions on my burger. And have been known to steal some veggies from a friend’s plate. So I straddle the fence… probably am in the very low carb crowd, heavy on the meat and eggs,
But I am 30 pounds below my most optimistic goal weight and am maintaining with ease.
So this is a self congratulatory post.
In other words, I got this!

(Alec) #2

Magnificent! Well done, Robyn, I don’t need to say you’ve got this, you clearly have!

Maintenance on carnivore is a game changer. For those struggling with maintenance, please consider carnivore.

(Peter - Don't Fear the Fat ) #3

Brilliant :grin:
And I’m glad you post here, it’s an inspiration to newbies like me.
Defo need reminders of our successes, imagine where we could be. Dread the thought :scream:

(JJ) #4

So good Robin, well done to you! Amazing to read of your success. Congratulate yourself, you deserve it and we are all happy to chime in with some more Congratulations to you :blush:

(Karen) #5

Well done Robin you’re amazing … even if you have included a few bit of plant back into your diet. You do you it is obviously working for you xx

(Pete A) #6

Congrats! You know what you’re doing and don’t have to attach a label to it.

You’re doing you!

Keto on!



As simple as that.

You have inspired me many times, and your gentle way of doing is to be commended, especially when I was in a dark place.

Onwards and upwards my friend!

(Bob M) #8

Congratulations! I wish you many more years.

(Robin) #9

Coop, I am no stranger to dark places myself. So this means the world to me. Thanks!


Thank you! I mean it.

(Marianne) #11

Wow, congratulations on your anniversary, good health and weight loss!!! Just keeps getting better!

(Central Florida Bob ) #12

Congratulations Robin!

One of my enduring disappointments is that I never made my goal weight - and I never thought of it as being a particularly low goal. Even when doing Alternate Day Fasts every week for six months. Twice.

I need to learn from you, O Great Master!


Congrats! :slight_smile:

(Jane) #14


And your constant encouragement and positive attitude here is a blessing.

As for grilled onions… lots in my future based on my recent garden harvest LOL And might need to gift some neighbors since we might not be able to eat them all before they sprout.

(Robin) #15

If I had any wisdom to pass on, I would. But it seems we all have different operating instructions and manuals.
I just keep it simple.

(Michael) #16

By definition a hyper-carnivore eats 70% or more as meat. Adding the hyper sounds cooler anyway, so congrats on your success and transition to being a hyper-carnivore.

(Central Florida Bob ) #17

I’m only being facetious. I admire your success.

I just had my 8th year anniversary of being keto in April, and I guess I still don’t understand my operator’s manual. How do I get it translated into English? Even better, translated into Southern.

(Rossi Luo) #18

I found that it’s quite easy to stay on keto diet, while it’s also quite easy to get off the track because we know losing weight is so easy. I am the latter one, last week I ate lots of fruits (mainly plum), and I gained 3 KG in 3 days, gods!

(Robin) #19

8 years! I should be asking for your secrets.

By the way, I got a used husband, so no manual. I just now learned the ears are sold separately. That explains so much.

(Robin) #20

Oh, I am gonna run with that one!
I have a feeling I’m just one amongst many here.