CBD oil


I only post this because there seem to be a lot of broadly knowledgeable readers. I know zip about CBD oil other than suddenly it is for sale everywhere and its claimed benefits are very broad in scope. So nutrition experts… what is the scoop?



I had a doctor recommend it and he gave me some samples. But I had to stop using it because my blood sugars went up while I was using it. He said he’d never had anyone with that reaction before.

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I have an autistic son and we give him CBD daily. It seems to help him relax.

Some people report that it really helps them.

I had chronic pain for years and used cannabis and opiates for 26 years (no longer an addict). I tried CBD without any noticeable effects. It may be that I have been using cannabis for 47 years now and I am used to THC, the effects of CBD May be more subtle and noticeable if you aren’t a cannabis user already. But it doesn’t hurt to try it if you think it might help, relax, sleep, relieve pain or headaches or whatever has prompted you to consider it.



I had years of foot pain from plantar fasciitis. I was taking paracetamol, naproxen and max dose of tramadol to little effect. I tried CBD oral oil and after three months the pain was completely gone.

I’m a nurse and on my feet for hours on end. I was seriously considering switching careers but CBD was amazing. Now I have a CBD vape that I use intermittently for back pain.

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I have had hip pain for 20 years. A month on CBD and all my pain is gone. I am also coupling CBD with some deep tissue massage to work out muscle issues in that area. Love the stuff. I have oral, lotion, face cream and pain rub.

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My aunt vapes it for chronic back pain but says it only lasts an hour or so.

My cousin drinks it in CBD sodas for anxiety as needed.

I know another guy who smokes a lot of pot but in between, at work or if he just can’t do it he vapes CBD oil to stay calm when he can’t have the whole plant.

I asked my pharmacist who just started selling it and everyone in the store said they wish they were selling something to give them more energy, not calm them down but that some folks are using it for chronic pain.