Cast iron skillet/spatula epiphany

(Suzi Smotrycz-Guilford) #41

there is nothing like a well seasoned cast iron skillet!!!

(Linda Culbreth) #42

You are right on!

(Marie Dantoni) #43

You show me yours and I’ll show you mine…
8" purchased for $10. In the late 70’s. Old…the only thing it needs now is occasional de-glazing and a lube.


I find they sort of polish themselves with regular use and good care. I use metal spatulas. I wipe clean after every use and if more is needed I “scour” with kosher salt and copper wool. (It’s like a pad of steel wool, but it’s copper so it won’t rust.) I’ve also just used the salt with a Dobie pad. I’d like to get one of those “chaine maille” scrubber one day. The only time liquid ever touches my pan is if I’m de-glazing, and the moisture never sits there long. Keep doing this and refresh the surface with a little lard or bacon fat when the pan is hot, and you’ll be really happy with the results.

(Chris) #45

I’ve had a cast iron for about a decade and I’ve tried all kinds of different things to achieve the mythical non stick abilities. Hasn’t happened yet, but I think I’m making progress now. Makes some killer hash browns that I unfortunately don’t eat any more.

One of the best tips I’ve picked up on is to only use medium-medium low heat with it. Give it time to heat up. Use a thin coating of oil. Just got some avocado oil to experiment with.

I might have some leaf lard coming my way too

On another note, my Bbq specialty shop now carries Finex pans. Damn. That surface is incredibly polished. @$200 for a 12” skillet and lid. The more and more I think about it, the less sticker shock I have.

(Gabe “No Dogma, Only Science Please!” ) #46

I’ve been using a lodge dutch oven. Handily, the lid doubles as a frying pan. However, it’s got that rough surface, and I’m not prepared to sand it down. I’ve been taking good care of it, and I clean it with salt and olive oil and paper towels after each use, but I’m not sure what a well-seasoned cast iron Lodge is supposed to look like. Anyone with good pics?