Carrie Brown


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Daisy's latest extraordinary woman, Carrie, shares her incredible story about how she conquered her bipolar disorder and has been symptom free for 2 years, thriving on the ketogenic diet.

Carrie is an ex-professional pastry chef, turned cookbook author, recipe developer, freelance photographer with a crazy, four country, three continent-spanning resume which includes such things as a chocolate TV show, a chocolate cookbook, and making pastries for the Queen of England. She trained at the National Bakery School in London and has now turned her pastry chef talents to creating scrumptious keto/low carb food to help the world eat smarter, live better, and put the healthy back into healthy.

She has published 5 cookbooks and shares her tales of food, travel, and adventure from her splendid single life in the sane lane, as well as her trials and triumphs with Bi-polar Disorder, Adrenal Fatigue, a massive E-coli infection, a myriad of food sensitivities, and her journey back to slim and vibrant on her blog

Carrie’s buddies say of her…

“Carrie can often be found in the kitchen, surrounded by her four-legged friends, concocting, devising, developing, and figuring out how to make the impossible very possible (and affordable).

And we love her for it.”


This week’s end quote is from the late, great Carrie Fisher…

Bipolar disorder can be a great teacher. It’s a challenge, but it can set you up to be able to do almost anything else in your life.”


This episode was sterling @Daisy - a real standout.

(Old Baconian) #3

A harrowing story—I identified with so much. I’m glad I listened all the way to the happy ending!


Thank you, it was a standout to me too and I was so happy to meet Carrie in person when I visited recently for Ketofest. She is every bit as wonderful in person - more :smiley:

It is a gripping tale isn’t it?