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Daisy talks to her latest extraordinary woman, Carolina Cartier, who shares her incredible story from being told she would never conceive to becoming pregnant with twins.

Carolina was diagnosed with precocious puberty at only 3
years old and then PCOS at 13. Her weight climbed to 380
pounds (172 kg) at its highest point. Working as a financial
analyst, she was constantly tired, foggy headed, short-
tempered and just downright miserable. She discovered the
ketogenic diet in 2014 and lost 120 pounds (54 kg) over two

Even more surprising, after 19 years of no ovulation
or cycles due to PCOS, she started cycling after only four
months on keto. She is currently pregnant with
spontaneous twin boys.

Carolina’s top tip was a quote from Karen Lamb -

A year from now you will wish you
had started today

You can find out about the upcoming boot camp Carolina talked about at her Revo
Wellness website and touch base with Carolina on her Facebook page.

You can find further information about Polycystic Ovary syndrome on the PCOS foundation's website

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Hey thanks for the shout out at the end, have the pic as some supplementary material!


Fabulous. I so wish I had done this.

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You look terrific Siobhan. What a great idea to track monthly!

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Great podcast!!! Thanks for sharing your story, Carolina!!!