Carnivore vs Mediterranean keto

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Whew! So many opinions. All of them right. Seriously… we are ALL alright! How many areas of our lives can we say that about? No reason to justify what works for each of us. Same reason I stay outta politics. No thanks, I’m fine. LOL


I agree with @MarkGossage about the differences between fruits and vegetables in history and now.

Additionally, it might be that humans can, in theory, adapt to eating such things if we had always eaten primarily keto with a bit of fruit here and there seasonally, and not already spent 30 years eating massive amounts of wholegrains and sugars and just a few years eating keto.


Indeed, my body is perfectly able to absorb all the few kcals from a handful of wild, not sweet at all berries… :smiley: Too bad I use up most to go and collect them all… I can’t really find anything more nutritious wild fruits during the summer months… At least there is rosehip in winter… Blackthorn too but that’s not sugary while rosehip is very much so. I have no idea why the birds don’t eat it… They are there all winter so I can eat them until spring…

I don’t know much about wild fruits in really warm places, maybe the situation there was a little bit better, there are monkeys are living on fruits, after all… But those fruits aren’t anything like modern fruits either.

I personally don’t care what my anchestors ate when I make my food choices, those things are just interesting and useful to know, it’s good to know and understand things. But if my body dislikes fruits in abundance then I won’t feed it fruits in abundance, it’s simple. And look at the macros… Fruits may give extra energy but my body doesn’t need zillion carbs calories from an item that makes me hungry and if I am not careful, less well. Animals already made plants (and sometimes other animals) into nutritious stuff I easily can eat and digest, it’s perfect. Working with plants is less convenient but my body does it in need. But fruits are almost only just sugar and water, I don’t need them.

And my body for one reacts to higher-carb diets differently than it did in the past when it had no idea what it could be… I think. My memory isn’t as great. I know it never loved high-carb but it worked, I was satiated and satisfied almost all the time, I felt quite healthy too… But when I introduced a better, lower-carb woe, my body got hooked and never wanted to go back again :smiley: So it subtly complains if I force fruits and other not logical stuff on it. It’s fine here and there but my communication with my body is better, I got more “sensitive”. Even if I feel no problems yet, I am aware if I eat wrong and if I don’t stop soon, I usually get progressively stronger warning signs and if I am an idiot, I even can trigger the ultimate warning scream, bellyache. It’s not fun for a hedonist so I always stop there and don’t even look at vegetables even on vegetarian times… I had my silly wild times in the past…
I consider this improved sensitivity very good :wink: I want to give my body the best I can (almost. a tiny mostly harmless off eating is okay but it’s occasional and subtle) so I am glad it helps me to figure out what to do.
I always felt something about how to eat, I never could do some super wrong diet willingly but my body only knew high-carb and I never felt the pull towards low-carb until I heard about that and tried it. It’s good I am curious and like to experiment… Survival without pain and noticeable problems isn’t good enough for me. I want to be the longest living human ever at some point (at least what is recorded) and it’s already over 130 years old, it probably will be higher when I reach that age… And I want to do it pretty healthily, being somewhat active, I don’t expect miracles, I merely want to hike at 100 and maybe run a marathon slowly but I may be able to do less later, it’s fine, I just want no pain and good health and a little activity. I need a near perfect woe, my good genes can do that much… I already was getting ready for it when I was 30 but I knew little and it was mostly determination and thinking, now I really should get my stuff together and live properly.
(Though I am not sure I want to live on this planet for long, too bad I have no other options.)

I would do sacrifices for my goal, giving up fruits doesn’t even count as one! Maybe a tiny one now, that’s why I keep eating fruits but less and less and I probably will stop in a few years. But if I knew eating fruit does anything bad to me permanently, I would stop without any problem. My normal food gives me whatever I need from food including enough variety and joy.
I definitely wouldn’t go out of my way to buy fruits but my fruit garden is pretty serious. It’s almost November so only 3 more kinds of fresh fruit for this year… And 2 of them is almost over and the last one is far away… Well, I have another but I cut out most of the rosehip, why I have thorns in my garden everywhere…? Rosehip and blackberry at the same place, that’s painful :smiley:
I love fruits, they are pretty and requires little work. But… They aren’t real food to me. Maybe candy.

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This is my namesake.

Dr Fratkin studied similar aspects of the nomadic tribes to Dr Mann. My parents worked on his studies, in Kenya, during the 70s and 90s. My father is a physician and my mother is a registered nurse. They have many great anecdotal stories about the lives of the nomadic people in eastern Africa, especially their diet. My parents ended up adopted into the tribes, and spent lots of time with them roaming the African plains.

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My parents always noted the amazing oral health of the African tribes people that were still nomadic. With a diet of blood, milk, and meat. They never brushed their teeth with anything other than a piece of grass. But their teeth were apparently perfectly straight and gleaming white all the time.

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Oh, the stories you must have heard! Lucky you!

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I was quite fortunate to meet them in Kenya after their research time in the 90s. It was exciting, especially for someone from a small island of 1,200 people off the west coast of Canada. Even at a young age, I could see the difference in the people who moved to the city, compared to the tribes we encountered on the plains.

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Anytime you feel like waxing poetic about those times and those lessons, I’m all ears. So many diverse people on here with such different lives and experiences. Thanks for sharing.


Me too! I like to learn about different places and people and times…