Carnivore of 50 years - Owsley “The Bear” Stanley

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It’s a long read (221 pages about being a carnivore for 47 years.) There is an amazing amount of useful info about carnivore. I ended up taking about 30 pages of notes when I read this article, which has helped me understand carnivore/keto even more. I don’t agree with some of his points and it includes him arguing with people averse to carnivore, but I find those arguments fun to observe. It demonstrated to me why I love this WOE, and why I don’t generally talk about with most people because of acculturation / socialization regarding food.

I hope anyone else enjoys this as much as I did. It took me many days to read and take the notes, but I could not stop once I started. There are so many resources linked of that page about keto & carnivore woe. Enjoy!


me, me, I read this already years ago :slight_smile:
I love

has alot of wonderful stuff in it!

if anyone clicks my link it takes you to ALOT of carnivore info!

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I’ll…slowly?..begin reading that. At least I might combine it with my lunch reading. Otherwise, I have no time.


Interesting read :slight_smile: I have just read a lil part of it, of course, it’s late but it’s captivating. But it contains lots of personal things. Like vegetables tastes bad. I found most vegetables (not the green leaves, those are like grass to me, ew. I did vegetarian keto without green leaves, imagine that) extremely delicious personally and impossible to get bored of (unless something changes and it did in my life and I lost interest. but they still taste good, just not desired except a few exceptions but those goes super well with my meat or eggs) while I get bored of meat all the time (but it can be handled and it slowly changes. I went from a few times a year to every day meat eating already)…
One can blame vegetables and say things about them and a big part of it may be true but they are extremely delicious for many of us. Definitely more than half the meat I ever tasted (I eat the other half, of course because I can. I would eat not tasty nutritious food over taste, no good one, of course but fortunately I can eat tasty food). Some people dislike vegetables and they more often go carnivore, fine but it doesn’t mean many people don’t eat vegetables with joy - and raw. No, we don’t only eat seeds and fruits raw, numerous vegetables are great like that. Raw vegans can be a tad crazy there (raw eggplants, seriously?)…
Erm sorry I have a vegetable day, I do carnivore-ish and talk about vegetables a lot. I like vegetables, I just rarely want to eat them. I can buy a lot of good meat with that money anyway, seriously, do people see their prices? And it’s for some mostly water in many cases and I don’t even start to mention the really negative points. If I met my past me, we would have an interesting conversation.

We can’t say general things extrapolated from our single case, maybe we have super great genes unlike some less lucky folks. We really are all different a little. I see it in Fangs’ carni thread, we avoid different things (well, them. I am still just flirting with carnivore but more seriously/successfully than before… I hope… :D) and with a good reason, not just due to taste. Maybe many of those are temporal…

Thanks for the link, I will read it all!

(And there are surely some people who are vegans since 47+ years. It doesn’t matter much I think but it was mentioned with serious doubt.)