Carnivore fatigue symptoms?

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I’ve changed my proportions since. NoSalt is available again and I’m now mixing about 1/3 Real Salt and 2/3 NoSalt. No Epsom salt. Also, I’m only consuming about 4-5 grams total per day and 2.5 grams of that in my morning coffee. The foods I eat probably contain more sodium than potassium.

Occasionally I take a magnesium supplement - depends whether or not my leg cramps are bothersome. They haven’t been for quite a while already, I think at least in part due to wearing compression socks all the time. I suspect the cramps may be just as responsive to ethanol consumption as to magnesium. So I’m going full ethanol elimination for a few months to see what if any difference it makes.

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Oh, so you just mix it dry and just make sure you consume 4-5 g/day. I thought you were mixing it in water and then drinking a certain amount every day. Well, this is good. I can measure and set it out every day and will know when I consume it completely.

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@amwassil @gingersmommy I take potassium every am and pm. And I take magnesium every night, with some salt…. for leg cramps. I had stopped having that issue, but since going carni, the cramps are back. I guess I should be thankful for the cramping because it certainly tells me what I’m lacking and I REALLY wanna know!

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Hi, are you still on CD @Fangs ?

I had the same experience as you.

Just hit the wall with extreme fatigue and almost a “brain-dead” state… lol.

But I couldn’t push through it.

So I gave in to the sugar, and my brain started working again!

But I know it’s wrong. And I need to get back on zc.

If you’re honest, would your advice be the same today as last year?

I’m dabbling between two routes.

  1. Low Carb (20-50 g/day) is needed for some people, I’m probably one of them!

  2. I need to eliminate all carbs and go through the horrible period on CD and come out on the other side and be super healthy.

Thank you in advance, Fangs!


CD? as in chronic diarrhea? Or are we still chatting CF? chronic fatigue. might be too early in the morn for me to get this one right off the bat HA

OH OH OH that is Carnivore Diet…I get it now. I was thinking maladies that hit us but you are saying am I still zc. Yes into year 6 and gonna take it to the grave for me :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

I also had nothing chronic transitioning into zc. I had weirdo hits on ‘bouts’ of whatever as I learned me and this lifestyle.

for me in the years now I am doing fab with no issues on either as chronic ever. Any D issues is from maybe a gut bug virus type thing or maybe eating a bad burger meat or something like that. I have no issues in the gut department now at all.

for fatigue, I have none of that now also. I just found now that I am super stable in all depts. on zc now I feel very secure, healed up, repaired better and doing great actually :slight_smile:

You know if you are doing very fine on 20-50g and you feel wonderful and are getting results and hitting goals you want acheived, then I can say I would be doing that also if it put me in a stable place and working for me. But if you want zc again for whatever reasons, you gotta just jump on the ship and hold thru the changes. When any issues hit thru adaption/transition chat up for some zc advice is best one can do.
Wishing you the best way forward!!


Hi Ishimura, I had some similar issues. I was slim when I embarked on keto, lost 4-5 kg, I could say that was water weight except my family noticed and told me I looked thinner. After some time on keto, which was working well, my body began to desire carnivore foods. I still mostly eat like this, meat, fowl and fish, but I had to reinstate a few vegetables, for fiber. Despite already taking magnesium citrate.
At first it was great, just indulging in my favourite foods, and definitely felt my brain fog dissipating. Then my energy gradually decreased, and I ended up with stomach pains from constipation. I added back in broccoli, and this helped. I will also add back in cauliflower and green beans.
For me, eating a mainly meat/fowl/fish based diet, with the inclusion of a few vegetables (in small quantities) is the best I can achieve. Amber O Hearn shared a passage in her book, of William Banting’s lowcarb diet (described in his own words) in 1864. He was eating a mainly meat (meat/fowl/fish) based diet, with a few vegetables in small quantities, a rusk or a dry piece of toast. I believe something very close to carnivorous yet not entirely exclusive of plants, would be the best for me. But then … I don’t have the time to be going through a lengthy adaptation period adjusting to the WOE when I require my energy as a stay at home mom. And I was beginning to drag my feet after me, as well as being constipated, so something had to change. I think we can all only do our best, but that also, it’s very important to listen to what your body tells you. Science should never get entirely in the way of intuition, as there’s much confirmation bias, and we’re not gods, nor do we have sufficient knowledge.