Carnivore fatigue symptoms?

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I’ve changed my proportions since. NoSalt is available again and I’m now mixing about 1/3 Real Salt and 2/3 NoSalt. No Epsom salt. Also, I’m only consuming about 4-5 grams total per day and 2.5 grams of that in my morning coffee. The foods I eat probably contain more sodium than potassium.

Occasionally I take a magnesium supplement - depends whether or not my leg cramps are bothersome. They haven’t been for quite a while already, I think at least in part due to wearing compression socks all the time. I suspect the cramps may be just as responsive to ethanol consumption as to magnesium. So I’m going full ethanol elimination for a few months to see what if any difference it makes.

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Oh, so you just mix it dry and just make sure you consume 4-5 g/day. I thought you were mixing it in water and then drinking a certain amount every day. Well, this is good. I can measure and set it out every day and will know when I consume it completely.

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@amwassil @gingersmommy I take potassium every am and pm. And I take magnesium every night, with some salt…. for leg cramps. I had stopped having that issue, but since going carni, the cramps are back. I guess I should be thankful for the cramping because it certainly tells me what I’m lacking and I REALLY wanna know!