Carnivore Chewy July - 31-day Challenge - 2023


Well, I went off the deep end a bit eating fresh mozerella, OMAD is done for the day! LOL!

Didn’t sleep well 2 nights ago, Didn’t sleep well last night- woke up at 3am, and could NOT fall back asleep. Crawled out of bed at 5am, left for work at 630am. Just got home a bit ago, and could totally take a nap. There is one errand to run, so I’d better drag my sorry butt outta the recliner and get it done. HUbby really wanted me to butcher a rooster or a male turkey, so, after a nap- maybe that’s a go. I hope everyone is well !

(Karen) #22

Argh dreadful night last night first 9ff couldn’t drop off to sleep so went downstairs to watch some mindless TV, returned to bed and eventually dropped off, woke about half 2 and needed big jobs … whats that all about?.. that woke me right up as my tummy was feeling off sorts and it was probably another hour before eventually going back to sleep, had to go back downstairs and avoid the teleshopping channels which didn’t leave a lot else to watch (i only have freeview) then returned to bed and dropped off again. Cancelled my CrossFit booking as i felt dreadful :persevere: i must admit as soon as i prayed for some relief from my sicky tum it was answered… why don’t i just do that straight away?

So up just after 8 this morning and outside with a coffee and my books. Sun was shining and it was lovely and warm. Nice to be able to sit out first thing with just a sleeveless T on.

Took Raymond to do a big shop and popped to a nice farm shop cafe for a cuppa. Dropped him home and returned to my house for some brunch. Ate cold chicken, half a half roasted chick (suppose I could have just said a chicken quarter lol.)

Finished the second quarter for dinner plus another pack of buffalo chicken wings… it was probably the wings that irritated my tum last night… made sure i left them in the oven double the time i did them last night and i will do some praying before going to sleep :pray::pray: also had a sall amount of cheddar and some small individually wrapped camenbert cheese.

Walked into Beeston this afternoon for my hair appt and then walked home again. It felt quite humid. Fitbit says I walked just over 6m today. Did me good and lifted my spirits after feeling a bit drab today.

My new plants in there new arrangement and a wild poppy in one of the planters.

(Robin) #23

Heaven in your own backyard!


@Karen18 OH! The LOVELY flowers!!! YAY!!! And that chicken looks pretty darn tasty too!

So. Been awake since 3am. Worked 6:45-noon, filled the gas tank, stopped off at the store, processed the foods in the freeze dryer, and started another load, gathered eggs, fed the ladies, gardened a bit, did laundry, and ate a bit of cheese today. Not really hungry. Which is fine.

My tinnitus is driving me batty right now, so I’m off to hunt down some Astralagus and Ginseng to see if we can’t offset some of this ringing racket. Otherwise, we have Benadryl. But I need some sleep.

Tomorrow is the day for chicken thighs and maybe I’ll shoot the rooster and butcher it before work! We shall see. Hubby is out of town until tomorrow night, so, it remains to be seen which doggie will climb up and sleep in his spot. =)

(Judy Thompson) #25

Quick post - bedtime here.
A sleepy week. We did go to fireworks Monday night at the local airport. Very small town. The band leader at this place, the Hangar Hotel, which is a World War 2 reenactment, knew of us and we have heard him play too, so it was nice. Hubby was waiting in the drink line and the guy behind him knew him from the seafood place we play. Such a small world here!
So that was Tuesday night. Now it’s Thursday night and we’re back to work tomorrow. Only 2 new tunes this week - requests. Journey, “Don’t Stop Believin’” and “Fire and Rain” by James Taylor. I love augmenting our repertoire every week!

Looking online for a birthday gift for my dd’s bf, I kept seeing stress relieving games. I commented, I couldn’t use those, I have no stress. Thank you ZC.
I mean if nothing else were improved that would be enough!

I put up plants and hummingbird bottles on the deck this week. A 12.99 plant was 3.90 with veterans discount! Wow.

Here is some food this past couple days.
Uploading: 20230706_125810.jpg…

This meal was at a restaurant. Overcooked as always- it’s okay, I have food at home!


my mobile hotspot wifi isn’t doing well in this more remote beach area…bleck…so I got on this morning so saying HI to all…be home Monday and chat up later.

report is ZC going wonderful and I got my all you can eat crab legs…yes I ate a ton of them :slight_smile:

had a family spat in grocery store here. a very fancy like whole foods, organic type place they wanted to shop, omg the different products and drinks offered it was like they were kids in a candy store but for me, nightmare shopping HAHA Hubby and kiddo wanted to buy it all ya know and every time they ASKED for my opinion on the products I told my zc truth, don’t buy that crap or eat that crap LOL and I got ‘the lecture’ of how my zc lifestyle can ruin their fun vacation shopping time…well so be it, don’t bring me into a fancy grocery store then where it is a waste of my valuable time literally to me LOL Then I got the '‘oh be just low carb on trips so you can eat stuff, like a bagel or candy’ and why do I have to be so strict and blah blah blah…tough ya know, I do for me, not you HA…Told hubby and kiddo to ‘shut down the noise’ at me and live their eating lifestyle and I will live mine…omgosh SO many have an opinion on my lifestyle and it irks me still…family never bothers me ever, but this time they laid it on me on this shop trip…told them cut it out or they will get my wrath :slight_smile: HA Oh well…told them I will never abandon my zc lifestyle and don’t ask me ever again on my opinion on buying that ‘so called fancy’ drink stuff and that nasty food product stuff I have absolutely 0 interest in my life :slight_smile: :slight_smile: in the end I won my point of my lifestyle, you don’t wanna know what I think on those products and stuff ya wanna eat, don’t ask me HAHA oh well, all good…they bought tons of crap and I am holding zc all the way baby :slight_smile:

chat up when home on better wifi :slight_smile:

(Karen) #27

Thursday night i had a really good sleep with 1hr22 deep sleep, felt great when i woke up. My waking time was roughly the same but that deep sleep just made all the difference. Very hot day and i got quite tired at the afternoon tea dance. Upset Raymond with a remark he got very sensitive about and we had a very long quiet journey home! Have to think about this one :thinking:

Good yesterday was a beef burger n 2 fried eggs for brunch, a bit of cheddar on the way home from the tea dance and a 2nd burger with a bit of mayo when i got home.

Not such a great night sleep last night, deep sleep back down to about 20mins and only pre midnight, none after and it was wakeful. Of course i felt a bit weary this morning and realise it is definitely the lack of deep sleep that affects how i wake up.

Did 60 stair runs first thing then coffee and books in the garden in the sunshine. Then ran to CrossFit and a pairs workout with my daughter. It was hard and sweaty but i enjoyed it. We went to The Company Shop afterwards and as i ended up tempted to buy (with a full to brim freezer and fridge!) She drove me back home save me carrying what wouldn’t fit in my very small backpack!

Brunch was turkey style beef kebabs and chicken n chirozo kebabs. I had 2 of each but can say i didn’t enjoy the chicken ones. I won’t eat the remaining 2 and won’t buy again.

Veal steak for dinner i think.


An interesting feeding story, possibly? The experience of a wedding reception…

My basic food philosophy becomes quite human at a wedding. I stop the Carnivore Horse and look for a step down, if I need it.

Beautiful bride and an easy laughing groom. Both on second marriages. So things weren’t so Disney fairytale. It was refreshing. The ceremony was in a winter forest. That makes two-for-two for forest weddings this year. My niece got married in an Instagrammable wedding in autumn.

Going to the bar and greeting the groovy bar staff with nose rings and colourful tattoos. That sounds like I walked up with a selection of each to offer. Maybe I should clarify. The hipster bar staff were pierced and coloured in.

:triangular_flag_on_post: The bar had predominantly alcohol. The ‘soft drinks’ were a polluted mainstream of high- carb sodas.

I found rainwater and put it in some champagne glasses.

First entree was lamb on crumpet. The lamb was delicious.

The caterer was a ‘paddock to plate’ philosopher with all foods being produced on their family farm. But they did feed their chicken grain, doh.

There was duck, kangaroo and pork gyoza, and the vegetarians had mushroom balls. Who knew.

So, things were going well. There was farm-made bread and butter. Even the salt was made on the farm from dehydrated sea water.

The vegetarian across the table had glinting sunken eyes like an unsuccessful bird of prey. And like so many vegetarian strangers, she was watching me eat. And what I did not eat. How, you may ask, did I know she was a vegetarian? I think all the vegetarians had finished announcing their specialness with mutual virtue fist bumping during the hors d’oeuvres. She saw me eat the butter without the bread. Then told those nearby indicating toward me caught fork spearing a smidgen of butter from my butter knife, “yuck.” Mrs. Bear laughed.

For proper entree I had bacon and egg in a mason jar. It was good. Others had a single sea scallop, a big fat one, with a drizzle of olive oil on a cape of pasta.

It was lamb neck or chicken for mains, and some kind of olive green baby poo textured bean slop for the vegetarians that was given a fancy name.

Do you remember I said that I had pulled up the horse and was looking around for a step down. … to be continued.

(Karen) #29

I pan fried the veal though i suspect it would have been better done in the slow cooker. Very tasty strongish taste.

I had the smoked trout later before bed.

This morning i decided to get to CrossFit. Most of the Box were away at a competition yesterday and only 6 of us in the class so todays class was more like a saturday one and it was a celebration for one of our lovely CrossFitters … 8 years since he was defibbed back to life so had to go and join in… it would have been rude not to lol!

My daughter was at the class again so we joined together for a team of 4. A good sweaty workout again. I had already done 50 stair runs first thing before coffee and books in garden, ran to the CrossFit box and after the wod ran home again.

Had a late brunch cos i was chatting to peeps after the workout. 1 salmon fillet panfried and 2 fried eggs.

Dinner is a mystery at the moment. Will see how i feel later.


Smoked trout!?

I love trout but I’ve never had it smoked. That’s on my bucket list now. thanks.


Of course… Or you mean they didn’t get other food at all? Seeds are natural food for chickens, of course they eat plenty of greens and animals too (in the wild or when they can/get it). I’ve just read they eat frogs and mice too, not super surprising but I didn’t know that. Snails and worms, sure, they are chicken :slight_smile: And I saw how much they love fruits.

Wow :smiley: That is some serious level of making their own stuff :slight_smile:

Isn’t that just a vegan thing? Vegetarians are normal, to me, at least but I was one for long (I liked that even if I didn’t know less carbs would have been better for me). But obviously there are annoying ones among them too. Oh and hypocrites. Or ignorant ones.

It’s vegetarian so I as a vegetarian surely wouldn’t have found it strange :wink: I used to eat absolutely anything all alone. I preferred mustard alone. A lot of it sometimes.

:smiley: That may be even something tasty but I would miss my eggs at that point. Never was the type to eat vegs alone, not even legumes. Not good for satiation.
Wait, for mains? A bit lacking to me but I always suspected my vegetarian dishes aren’t super common. Now Alvaro’s vegetarian dishes. Some animal protein is very much required. Even if he eats legumes. It’s side dish for him and wants eggs with it (or meat nowadays that we have that a lot).

Oh if I popped in, I bring some photos… My diet is complicated now… I start carnivore and things may happen. Yesterday I did so well, ate my carni food, enough for a day macro wise… Yeah, chicken is still no good. And I got bored of meat at that point, I tried dairy and cheese but I added a little keto treat in the end and I finally got satiated. Still not a bad day for me in July but I wasn’t pleased. Oh well, never will try a chicken day again. Or if I do, I will know about the consequences.
So, yesterday. I roasted the breastless chicken (2 hours. the color was okay, the skin mostly crispy, too bad I want crunch) and ate half of it. I already consumed a lot of chicken liver at that point (I tried soaking it in spicy milk the previous day, only a really tiny bit, it was good. then I mixed the rest of the liver with lots of sour cream, my own spice mix again and promptly fried it. as I forgot to mix them previously and I was hungry. and it was GREAT. I keep this sour cream thing, will try without the spice mix, it’s stretching my idea of carnivore and I didn’t stop using onions on my liver years ago just to use an onion/garlic/black pepper mix). Then I had a little cheese, mascarpone/sour cream as dessert and still was hungry. Oh and some pork jowl…
So it was a higher-cal day in the end and not even carnivore. Very much keto, it could have been much worse, I only needed a little though fatty extra but still :frowning: Stupid chicken. I like pork more anyway. But I wanted to have a full (minus breast) roasted chicken at least one… Maybe we should try to same with a duck :wink: There are duck sales here lately… A whole duck isn’t that big :slight_smile: Super fatty though :slight_smile: The tiny frame with barely any meat was meh, I didn’t really taste it was duck.
So, my chicken. 1100g in raw weight:

Today Alvaro took my only big slab of pork and made some goulash-like soup with it (almost the same just with pork - goulash must have beef or mutton, I think all ruminant is borderline okay but that’s it. but “goulash” means a beef one and “mutton goulash” or how I should translate it is the mutton one. it’s extremely different with pork, okay, obviously but more than if we change the meat in a veggie rich curry, for example. probably because goulash is a soup and all that liquid gets very different if it gets some ruminant fat).
I still have pork chuck and we go to shopping tomorrow so it’s fine. I am glad we can burn a ton of branches, the garden produces it like crazy and it’s a small one (with too many trees. too many wasteful trees who just grow new branches and dry the old ones).
Alvaro helped me to finish the chicken, I wasn’t so into it anymore and I need some pork today. I try to forget about chicken in the near future.

The last one has some duck scratchings.

And I took a shot of my veggie patch. Well there are tiny tomato plants in the right somewhere… :smiley: And parsley behind the cornflower row… And one flowering plant is radish…

This is the more flowery half of it. The morning glory has a bit similar name in Hungarian, without the glory and the word used in it is “dawn”… The plant has no idea about it so it has this open state at noon. I don’t know how, but no matter how few plants I have, I always get pink and lilac ones in roughly similar numbers… I love variety.

I think no one is surprised that I still drink coffee. I have no milk or cream but I opened a package of mascarpone… It’s from cream so good enough, I just can’t pour it like the others. But I start with mixing an egg milk anyway…


Hi all!
Busy Monday here- but wanted to share a bit about what I’ve just learned. If you suffer from Tinnitus, you’ll want to stay tuned. Backstory here first, tho…

Roughly 13 years ago, an NP flushed my right ear out bc there was a “blob” in it. It had been itching and bothering me, so she took a look at it. I would’ve thought she could’ve used one of those long twisty things to grasp it and remove it. But, she chose the water flush, and as the pain began to increase, I shouted at her to stop, but she continued, and ruptured my eardrum. The tinnitus has been ridiculous ever since. Never had it before that.
I’ve been to specialists, they’ve tried all kinds of meds incl. prednisone. I was on Ambien at the time, bc I couldn’t sleep from the noise. Little did I know that I was 1) pregnant with twins and 2) that those meds combined are known to cause miscarriages. So, Imiscarried twins 3 weeks apart.
When I was on carnivore the first time, the tinnitus reduced. After our trip out west with the insane elevations we drove, and all the pressure and depressurization - the tinnitus is at an all time high now.
I took a deep dive into what foods to eat/not eat - and carnivore with a bit of broccoli seems to be the answer. All the nutrients they stress to eat- are all in meats…beef, mackeral, chicken…and something or other in broccoli.
So. Yet another reason to stay the course. =)

Got a George Foreman Grill for my Bday
Son #3 and his GF sent me a SousVide
And, I ordered a suit and shoes for job interviews. Decided the foot is going to suffer too much on the concrete floors, so, applications are going out. I have no real “interview” clothing, so, it was a need, not a want.
Staying with carnivore+OMAD = losing about 1+/- pound per day now.
I need to tidy the house after the Bday events here. so off we go! Have a great day!


We went shopping in super hot weather. And inheritance things goes super slowly.
I couldn’t get much processed meat items, no problem, I have plenty of fresh meat and dairy now.
We even bought 1 kg chicken heart and not the cucchini Alvaro wanted so I persuaded him to cook chicken liver and heart stew instead of curry with chicken breast… That will happen too, later.

Wow! I surely would lose way below 1 pound per week with it as I would have a tiny deficit and that happens to my body then but that’s fine, slow is great in my books. I still can’t figure out HOW to be that controlled… Or just remotely close, one big meal with some other bites, almost carni… Maybe one day, July is a bad month for it, apparently.

But you do so well, since when have you been doing carni OMAD?

(Karen) #34

Didn’t do a whole lot yesterday. Food was

The top 2 pics are chicken in some spicy marinade too yummy. I had the veal in the slow cooker all day and it turned out so much nicer … meat fell off bone!
I am just finishing off the broth/beef juice and have eaten some cheese, beef kofta kebabs (to use them up) and some bacon… so far!

Up with alarm at 7.30 this morning and 50 stair runs then to the garden with coffee amd books. Ran to CrossFit, good workout and ran home again.

Later i walked to Lidl and got dtowned on he way home. My phone weather forcast said the rain was due at 4pm but it came half n hour early :roll_eyes: i did take a waterproof kagool with a hood and also my trolley and ended up running back from the shop. It was an absolute downpour lol. I could have rung my socks out! I wouldn’t mind but i forgot the mayo :roll_eyes:

Feeling a bit weary now, i did have a lie down about 2.15 thought i might drop off for 40 mins but no. Thought also about going dancing locally this evening but it is now 6.45 and i can’t be bothered to go and doll up! May have a cheese omelette or a bit of scrambled egg later we’ll see.


Fk! :pensive:

Been through a lot, you have.
Best wishes on your onwards and upwards journey.


Good food.

This place always makes me hungry!


Thank you, @coopdawg ! What I wrote there was only a fraction of what was going on. That was in 2013. In 2010, my Dad died 6 months before the dr. had estimated. In 2012, my Mom died unexpectedly- right before Christmas. I had a moving van full of antiques to take home from my Mom’s house. In 2013 (January) I had knee surgery. Same year, we began building my chocolate shop onto our house. The miscarriages happened while that process was underway.

In 2016, Valentine’s Day night, it was discovered that our house was on fire in the basement. The entire house, chocolate shop, antiques dating back to 1760’s, everything…was lost. My brother came up from Detroit to help out, and brought a few antiques that he thought might make me feel better.

In 2018, my brother died unexpectedly. That was hard to deal with. Its the reason I hopped on the Keto wagon, then the carnivore and fasting, and vowed never to let my weight and health go the way my bro did.

Lots of dark clouds, but always a silver lining. God is good.

(Judy Thompson) #38

Another week has flown by already! Some of these weekends are really exhausting with the heat during the afternoon Saturday gig - no ac in tIhat winery. This Saturday afternoon the owner cooked some garlicky combination on a grill inside the winery and I couldn’t get out of there fast enough. It was paella, had lots of meat in it but I wouldn’t have eaten it.
@Frankobear crazy veggie events are stupid difficult! I bet they did think you were nuts eating butter, lol. I like to eat first, and then after, and ignore their ridiculous food, loved the description of the green poopy legumes :rofl:
Most of my students are gone for the summer and it’s nice to have a little more relaxed schedule. We went to fireworks the 4th of July at the tiny airport, which was fun, watching them over the row of Cessna planes that seem to be the mainstay of air traffic here.
@SecondBreakfast I’m with @coopdawg you have REALLY been through it! Glad you’re sticking with us and doing the OMAD ZC - a lb a day is amazing!
I read your new post while writing this. I understand fully how you are about not going the way your brother did. My dad was so sickly with diabetes, lost hearing and sight toward the end, and my uncle, his brother, lost his legs. Mom had Alzheimer’s. My sister and my daughter both got to 350 lbs, but my daughter had bariatric surgery a couple years ago and now struggles to keep her back healthy so she can continue to walk. So I’m with you! Genetically, I have every right to weigh 175 lbs more and be so sick at my age but with carnivore even my arthritis has mostly reversed due to the inflammation being so much reduced.

I read about half of Dr. Kiltz’s new book the other night when I couldn’t sleep. He’s a little loosey goosey with his carni but I ADORE his detailed descriptions of cellular processes, what causes cancer on the mitochondrial level, and the role of sugar in the body (“A carnivore way of life does not reject a role for sugars, just the need to consume them as a source of energy, like muscle, which your body can use in a pinch for energy, but really you want to consume proteins and fats for that.” Because he explains that glycation, and the need for sugar in the mitochondria and blood vessels, is produced in the body.) That was something I didn’t know. I loved listening to him on the Dr. Chaffee podcast over a year ago so was happy to see he had published a book. His ice cream recipe looks good, he does use a tsp sugar but says it’s optional so I will try making it without.
His recommendation is OMAD with 2 snacks. That makes me happy, it’s exactly what we do, me on ZC and hubby - not:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:. Midmorning I have a hard boiled egg, then lunch at 12 usually 8-12 oz meat; then at 5, half a pkg of liverwurst - 2 oz - and some cheese. For him, I make whatever he wants, but now he is saying no more desserts. Baby steps!
The 4th and some food-
Uploading: 20230704_213416.jpg…

A couple of these, including the fireworks, were too big.


That’s absolutely tragic…but if you don’t take this the wrong way, quite inspirational too.

I’m glad you are healing and the worst is behind you.

I’ve had a few tragedies in my life so I can empathise.
I’d reveal them but i think they’d be too political for the rules of the forum…but you can imagine it involved death as well. But that was a while ago too.

Best wishes!


Oh my. I don’t know what to say. It’s many times more than what I feel I could handle. I wish you some super good times ahead. You seem to be real strong, making good decisions and focusing on the things right in your life instead of making things even worse (not logical to me but people often do that)…

Do you want to see a pretty flower? The only gladiolus that managed to flower (I suspect too little sunshine or IDK but I have few good places), a bit smallish, not the epic huge plump ones but still a very pretty multicolored one! I put this here for you (IDK why, gifting flowers online is my thing sometimes. I even consider the flower the property of the person if they want to. it’s just a tiny gesture but I can’t do more):