Carnivore and Menopause

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I was in menopause for almost two years and I’ve been carnivore for a year and a half.

Now, my period has returned and I don’t know if this is normal or not.

Has anyone had this experience?

Thanks in advance.

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I know from posts here on the forums that women often experience a period of hormonal re-regulation when they begin eating a ketogenic diet. It appears to be an effect of lowered insulin and an adequate diet after years of cutting calories. I wouldn’t be surprised that a carnivore diet could have the same effect. But a year and a half into a dietary change seems a long time for an effect to suddenly begin.

I’d suggest a visit to your doctor to rule out any problems unrelated to diet.

If you’ve been experiencing menopause for two years, it is not likely that you are suddenly fertile again (apparently the bleeding can occur in the absence of ovulation), but you might want to get that checked, too, in order to avoid any surprises, if you know what I mean!


way more info needed! for sure on that.

age, your med issues, your lifestyle and more and then maybe someone can give you some hard truths.

but carnivore heals!!! it changes us to balance hormones so no clue on age or this or that but darn, you could be a new person who healed so well that you got ‘a real normal life’ that IS FOR you now and that can easily be the case.

but never think, (again age and more info left out) comes into play here that you don’t have a real medical issue that is maybe very new and not a real issue against your health!

so until more info I would first, if you are older and don’t fit the bill of what ‘normal’ lies it easily could be a real med issue so GO SEE a doctor for sure.

I know what I said is iffy truly but your post is very very vague so no response will suit you at this point but wishing you only the best!