Carnivore and libido

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I started Carnivore 1.5 months ago. 35 year old male otherwise in excellent physical health especially after starting the diet. I previously had issues with chronic pain, difficulty sleeping, GI distress but those have all disappeared. However, I did not have a problem with libido, if anything I had too much. Two weeks after starting carnivore I lost my libido - I still have significant mental attraction but no physical sensations of arousal.

My blood work is normal enough: Testosterone level six months ago was 450 (250-1200 is the general range) and even with that value I was doing great. It is now 350 but I’m not convinced that is the problem as I have significant strength and capacity for exercise. My cholesterol baseline was 112 last year and 130 right now, again not very concerning. My body fat was around 12% but is likely significantly less as my weight decreased from 152 to 137 on a 5’8" frame but still have lean muscular build. Otherwise all labs are normal and I feel/sleep better than I have in years. My stress is minimal and my meals all tend to be grass fed beef.

Please share your thoughts and recommendations. Thanks for your time!

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I think Keto/Carnivore only has a very limited effect on it.

Perhaps you have been very aware of whats happening to yourr body lately more than before.

Your 35, not 16. Follow your mental attraction, dive between the sheets, geve him/her a good time and arousal will follow automatically. Dont worry about it.

As you grow older, sex becomes better and yep, it takes more time.

We all loose our confidence at some point, thats being a man. Get it back . You don’t even need arousal to be the best lover in the world.

I dont think you lost anything, your becomming a better man. You can give more attention to your partnes if yourr a bit less aroused in the beginning. Thats a good thing, go for it tiger.

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You don’t say how much you are eating. You might not be eating enough.

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137 and 5’8"? I’m 5’8", and this is my DEXA scan results from multiple years ago now:

137 seems low for my frame (which of course is not yours), since I had 127 pounds of lean mass.

Personally, I’m hoping this is a transitory thing. 1.5 months is not a lot of time to transition to keto/carnivore diet (I assume from a “normal” diet?).

Keep us informed.

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After nearly three years on a ketogenic diet, my sex drive is better than ever. I suspect that yours will return fairly quickly on carnivore. There is definitely an adjustment period, and the adaptation can take as long as six months, from what I understand. Don’t fret about anything till you reach that point. Your sex drive is likely to return. Don’t worry about your T level in any case. There is some evidence that in the absence of carbohydrate, our body can make do with less of certain hormones, because the carb intake is no longer interfering with their use.

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If anything, it should get better, but there’s always a chance you need to bump up your fat intake.

Personally I haven’t noticed much difference, although I didn’t have any problems to begin with.