(Elizabeth ) #1

Hey today is my 2 year anniversary of eating only meat. I haven’t cheated one meal, and it’s not because I have such strong willpower. The opposite in fact. But I do have an all or nothing mentality and that dovetails perfectly with this way of eating. Just wanted to let y’all know that it can be done. Just take it one day at a time, make a decision every day to eat meat, drink water.



I am the same. Willpower gets me started on anything I try to change about myself, but it only lasts a very very short time :), so relying on carnivore eating to make me totally full, happy, a controlled appetite and no hunger truly makes it a plan that will suit people like us who need it! You’re all in! So am I~~~wishing you a great meat meal tonight!! Anything special on the menu for ya?

I wish I marked down when I started. I know I am like about 2.5 yrs with carnivore. Some of it dirty but now I am holding it super clean.
Super clean eating has totally made me much stronger!

Happy for you Elizedge!

(Elizabeth ) #3

Going to hit up a fancy butcher shop and buy a 2 lb prime rib eye :slight_smile: see if I can talk him into 5 lb of trimmings as well. I expect to be in a meaty coma by 6:00 p.m. :slight_smile:


Oh I love that!!! You use your carniversary to get those trimmings!! You know your butcher won’t be able to not celebrate that and treat ya good! I hope so!!

2 lb. prime rib. omg E. That’s sounds amazing!!

(Jack Bennett) #5



AND SO…did ya score and was it delish?? You know I gotta know HA

(Elizabeth ) #7

Yep got a pound of free fat cuttings also, couldn’t finish it though


oh darn ya did great!! Nice to hear you had a great carniversary……now onto another year of fine eating! Right there with you :slight_smile:

(Jane Srygley) #9

That’s amazing! Congrats!!! I also have an all-or-nothing mentality and that is one of the reasons carnivore appeals to me. For now I intend to be carnivore 5 days per week. I tried this last week and didn’t manage even one day without resorting to omnivore, but today I am hoping to be 100% compliant with the 99.9% carnivore diet I’ve chosen :rofl: (I’m allowing spices, coffee, tea, a couple of zero net carb sweeteners and oils with zero carbs like MCT, coconut and olive oil.)

(Elizabeth ) #10

I wish you the best and if you can tolerate those things then more power to you. But seriously I’m not sure you can expect the benefits of carnivore without doing it 100% animal products. Just don’t get discouraged if you’re not seeing results you think you should be getting.honestly if I could eat chocolate and avocados I would but my health doesn’t allow me.


@Elizedge I’m jealous! I’m only 3 months along and wish I was 3 years on this WOE. Big Congrats, hon. :heart: