Carni and high numbers on my hs CR-P test

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I am certainly not thinking that. I think Dr Paul explained this reasonably carefully: he was pointing out that just because it is a common carni food it does not mean it is not inflammatory.

And there is always the question of the extent of the inflammation, which as far as I remember was not discussed. As you said, some inflammation in the body is normal in response to every day stressors. If eating eggs is inflammatory, but only a bit, then I reckon it’s worth eating them.

But if someone like Robin (a robust carni eater!) gets a whacky CRP score, then I reckon it’s useful to understand this.

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He’s not saying dairy, eggs, shellfish, seafood and nuts and seeds (which he says includes coffee) is inflammatory for everyone. He starts talking about this at 109 minutes.

@robintemplin I’d have another test done after a few months. Your abnormal result could have been in response to an acute episode your body is dealing with, and if it’s a “dirty test” the cause may not be anything to worry about. If it’s high chronically it deserves investigating. Mine (just CRP, not hs CRP) has usually been 13 or greater over the years, and is now 3 mg/L, with a “normal result” where I live (New Zealand) being anything less than 5.


Did you doctor not over over the results with you? The hs means the test is more sensitive than the standard CPR Test. The hs-CRP can help show the risk of getting coronary artery disease. Most doctors will order a hs-CRP test if the patient is at risk for a cardiac event (intermediate risk) in the next 5-7 years, has a family history of heart disease on both sides of the family, patient is over-weight with high blood pressure and is over the age of 45-50.

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@MeganNZ, I agree, I plan to have another in a few months. I have cut my dairy in half as an experiment. And that’s about all I can do diet-wise. Everything else is carni except my decaf coffee.


I’ve been aiming for about 100g protein a day but find it’s actually quite difficult to get that much in. How do you all go about that if you’re not carni?

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@robintemplin Don’t want to be an “enabler” if you’re successfully avoiding Stevia, but just want to note that if it’s the preservatives you’re trying to avoid, have a look at this brand: Pyure Organic liquid drops - the version with nothing added. You might get your beverages back without those extra chemicals that might be of concern? :vulcan_salute:

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Hi Joey… thanks for thinking of me! Yes… just looked it up.

The ingredients list organic alcohol… what does that mean?
I know it would be a tiny amount anyway,
but I am a recovered alcoholic and take zero chances.

I am currently using this one… and it’s ok.

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Looks like the pic of the sweetener bottle got cut off. I’ll try again

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Great - sounds like you’ve got it solved! If even the knowledge that a trace amount of alcohol is involved, that might not be a helpful (nor necessary) mindset to adopt in your situation. Glad to know you’ve got access to those beverages you enjoy on a solid path. Onward :vulcan_salute:

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Oh, haha… just had to tap on the photo. Heh Heh.


Focus on protein, it doesn’t even matter if you do carnivore, just eat enough good protein with your other items. But I personally almost exclusively live on protein sources. Or else I would overdo carbs or fat. Not like I can’t overdo fat this way… Sadly I overeat protein but it doesn’t cause physical problems. 100g protein is impossibly low for me.
I have lots of ideas about why you can’t eat enough protein but without any info I just don’t go there.


Robin - sorry, don’t know how to highlight you in - I didn’t mean to put this question on this thread. Don’t know how I managed that :astonished: Has absolutely no relevance here.

Shinita - Thanks for the reply. I’ll post again on the thread I meant to to begin with!!

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How are you feeling? You might be one of those people who don’t need as much protein.

Also, how much do you weigh? Do you know what your lean mass is? I ask, because the recommendation for how much protein to eat ranges from 1.0 g/kg of lean mass to 2.0 g/kg. If your lean mass is only 50 kg, then you might only need 50 g of protein a day, which is 7 oz./200 g of meat.


Hi Paul - Thanks for reply. I answered on the other thread but for anyone reading I was just being a numpty and mixing up my lbs gr and kg’s !!!

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I saw the other thread. Glad you figured it out.