Carl is helping me again!

(Kathi Kellenberger) #1

Twenty years ago, Carl helped me change careers with his programming web site and his advice. I had been seeing him talk about keto for the past year on Facebook, so I decided to give it a try starting January 1st. I don’t have diabetes, but I have been fighting the same 30 - 40 pounds for 20 years. I have felt deprived and depressed with most diets in the past, so I just could never stick with anything.
I absolutely hate keeping track of what I eat, but I have been looking at nutrition labels since they have been around. I am now looking for the opposite of what I looked for before. My poor husband, who does the grocery shopping, probably thinks I am nuts. When I added mayo to the grocery list, he asked if I wanted fat free Miracle Whip, and I said no, I need lots of fat!!
We are empty nesters and, basically, fix our own food. Sometimes, I will cook, but mostly we fend for ourselves. I would say that he lives mostly on carbs. I am reminded of the kids’ poem “Jack Sprat could eat no fat; his wife could eat no lean.”


That’s how it is in our house too. He gets the super lean cuts of meat and I get ALL the bacon! :bacon:
Maybe someday I will have an all-keto shopping list, but for now i just KCKO.

(G. Andrew Duthie) #3

Welcome, Kathi. Great to see you here!

I hear you on getting family members on board. Hopefully, over time that’ll happen.

(carl) #4

Welcome, Kathi!

(Julie Anderson) #5

Hahaha! This describes my husband and I. The advantage to this is when he cuts the fat off his rib eye, I get to eat it. :smiley:


(David) #6

was a daily stop for me on the interwebs too


Welcome aboard! I have the same situation at home…wife says she cannot live without carbs. I have gotten her into IF at least.

(Debbie Stella) #8

Same here with my husband. He cooks low carb for me and gets what I need when shopping. He supports my woe. He eats with me then eats all the carby things he wants. Sodas, candy every night bread or crackers and my good kerrygold butter. He gets good regular check ups. I do worry about him though.


My wife is supportive too…but I generally feed myself while she and the kids eat the same junk.

(dawn.hakala) #10

Same here… Hubby eats lcmfmp… He makes his thing, I make mine… just easier this way… Lolol

(carl) #11

Blast from the past. Did you hear our interview with Gary on .NET Rocks last year?

(David) #12

Yes. I am a bit backlogged on DNR since I got a job closer to home but I did hear that one.

(Kathi Kellenberger) #13

Which episode? I’m not a .NET developer, so I don’t listen, but would love to check this one out.

(carl) #14


My husband isn’t keto either, but he eats whatever I make for dinner. He prefers this WOE way more than when I’ve been on vegan kicks. :wink: The food is good!

(joe churchill ) #16

LOL no doubt. Vegan times sucked big time for us :frowning:

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(Stephanie Hanson) #18

Several of my coworkers say the same thing. I usually reply, “someday you will find you can’t continue living with them as your body gets sicker”. Interestingly, they say they understand that but don’t care at the moment. Well okay then. As I get healthier and thinner, they will begin to consider keto.

(Stephanie Hanson) #19

Vegan landed me in the hospital. I’m not built for it.

(mminomaha) #20

Ditto!!! :two_hearts: My husband cooked vegan when I was a ‘vegan-for-a-year’ and now he cooks 99% keto…bless his heart. He still has crackers with his cheese and sandwich bread and buns - but bread was never my problem. I am learning to make keto ice cream and fat bombs and he’s my most ardent supporter!