Carbie - humour

(Allie) #1

(Geoffrey) #2

While that is humorous and I did chuckle, it’s unfortunate that it’s a true testament of our culture today.

(Joey) #3

Pink shaming. Heartless.

(Peter - Don't Fear the Fat ) #4

hahahaha almost wet myself … is it wrong to laugh here? :grimacing:

(Mike W.) #5

Come on. Why we gotta throw tacos in this? Donuts, ice cream, cereal. Any hundreds of other things would make more sense. Aside from the tortilla it’s hard to make a taco super carby! Sorry, I just really love tacos :grimacing:

(Bob M) #6

True, at least tacos are typically (only?) meat-based. Donuts provide very little protein, high sugar and (bad) fats.


Thanks for sticking up for tacos. I use low carb tortillas or filios for mine. Gotta have them at least a few times a month.

BTW, I am so over having to hear/see all the Barbie crappola. Never understood why she got so popular in the first place,

(Alec) #8

The care with which that was put together, yet they can’t spell doesn’t. Annoys me.