Carb grams the Aussie and NZ governments mandate. This will amaze you!

(Jamie Hayes) #1

See for yourself. Go to the Nutrient Reference Values for Australia and New Zealand.

Click on the Resources tab. At the bottom you’ll see the NRV Summary Tables.

Click to download data. Then click the NRV Summary Tables to download the Excel spreadsheet.

Open the spreadsheet and click the Nutrients tab. Now see the required grams per day in carbohydrate at different ages. (For infants it’s 60 to 90 g a day).

And now, for boys, girls, men, women and even pregnant and lactating women see the recommended number. You may wish to share this with your doctor if required.

What do you think?

(Vicki Cowan-Pattison ) #2

I don’t see any amount under the carbohydrate tab. I assume that means zero required carbs. Or the spreadsheet doesn’t want to display properly on my phone. All the other tabs have a value.

(Jamie Hayes) #3

I was keeping it a secret, but you’re exactly right! You’ll see that there is a number in the infant rows.

The human body requirement for dietary carbohydrate seems to indeed be zero. But I’d still eat your green leafy veggies.

(Vicki Cowan-Pattison ) #4

Hehe sorry I spoiled it. I was just confused. It is still worth a look to see all the other values. I think the recommended value for vitamin c is way low.

(Richard Morris) #5


IMO the UL (upper level) column for carbohydrates could have 20g in it :slight_smile: