Can't sweat?


I’ve researched online and many say when you are dehydrated, you are not able to sweat. I have never been able to sweat (drip) when exercising in my life. I get really flushed and hot but never dripping in sweat. Since starting Keto (6 weeks), I have been drinking 3.5 to 4 Litres water (1 gallon) so I don’t really think I am dehydrated anymore?
My exercise include high interval 30 - 45 minutes workout to 75 minutes jogging/face paced walking to random abs/upper body workout videos.
Wondering if anyone else has experienced this. Thanks in advance

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Hi @jh0411and welcome. Nope, I don’t sweat a lot anymore because I’m 60 but that’s weird you don’t sweat at all exercising. I’m curious does your skin look healthy? Normally we shed some toxins through sweating. I have heard of a medical condition where you don’t sweat but I don’t know the name of it. :cowboy_hat_face:


Not everybody will sweat buckets. Some sweat a lot, some very little and the rest fall somewhere in between. If you’re not even getting a light sheen going it could be worth mentioning to your doctor.

That’s quite a lot of water you’re drinking. Are you keeping your sodium intake up?

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I found out yesterday on a podcast (Muscle Intelligence) that a lack of sweating can be due to a problem with the sympathetic nervous system so just looked this up for you -

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Why do some people not sweat?

Some people aren’t able to sweat typically because their sweat glands are no longer functioning properly. This condition is known as hypohidrosis, or anhidrosis. It can affect your entire body, a single area, or scattered areas. The inability to sweat can cause overheating. …” …More


Yes, and I was under-hydrated. That was also drinking about a gallon plus for me but it apparently wasn’t enough. The other thing was a lot of my intake was “liquid” but not always water. Now I’m around 1.5 gals/day and making sure that (most) of it is actual water or water/lemon type drinks and THAT has me able to sweat. You also gotta make sure your electrolytes are good. If you’re not tracking your intake it’s VERY hard to know that you’re pulling that off. I supplement with salt pills (1g each), lite salt which is sodium and potassium AND even with the salt on my food (I’m NOT shy with salt at all!) I wasn’t even remotely getting what I thought I was. If you’re doing 30-45min HIIT and jogging and not sweating, pretty safe bet you’re under hydrated. Some of us just need a lot more.


Bout damn time I find a new Podcast to binge on! Thank you for that!

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It’s the best honestly, you’ll learn so much! Ben also does a lot with Danny Vega who you may already know of, but is also another one to follow if not.


Wow… I have never posted anything on forums before. I did not expect so many responses and advices/feedback. thank you so much

David_Stilley - I’ve battled with eczema for years… been bit better since Keto…

TheOrangePimpernel - I totally understand not everybody sweat buckets. I just wanted to see one drop of sweat sometime after I work out… haha. it would make me feel like I was more productive… I don’t measure my sodium intake but I don’t get tired/dizzy so I assume it’s okay? I never asked my doctor because I knew I wasn’t drinking a lot of water in general before, less than half a gallon. this is the first time in my life focusing on my water intake so was hoping to see some result…

Shortstuff - Thank you! I will check out the podcast.

Ifod14 - Yes… some of us need more for sure. maybe I will try 1.5 gallons and see if it makes a positive difference.

thank you again everyone for your support. really appreciate it


Far cry from dis-connected impossible to sift though Facebook groups isn’t it? You’ll get a lot out of this place!

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Try eliminating dairy. That’s the usual cause, casein sensitivity. Butter is okay. You probably are eating less dairy overall on KETO hence the partial improvement. I love dairy products but I have a threshold that if I go over for too long my psoriasis and eczema return. You can play with an occasional bit of cheese once the eczema is in remission most likely. :cowboy_hat_face:

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I have a friend with that issue too - also gets dry mouth and dry eyes and overheated easily since doesn’t sweat. She has sjogrens disease. Takes artificial saliva and other medicines to stimulate moisture.


I’m in the same boat as you. Doing exercise including dancing professionally, my fellow dancers would be sweating buckets and I’d barely have a sheen. I’ve been Keto for almost 6 months now and am also in a clinical study for Preventing and Reversing Cognitive Decline (ReCode protocol by Dr. Dale Bredesen) Through the many tests I’ve had done, they discovered my body is a toxic waste dump so not sweating hurts me as it prevents my natural detoxification.

For the last 4 months, up to Shelter in Place, I added Bikram Yoga class 4x/week, which is 90 min of yoga on steroids at 105 degrees and 50% humidity. There I sweat like a pig. I also added 2 days of sauna for 40-60 min. That in combination with binders I’m taking to rid my body of mold, lyme, mycotoxins… Am so missing all of that in lockdown.