Can't stand eating one more egg?

(Jane Reed) #1

… but like the low cost and ease of prep? The solution is to combine them with strongly flavored ingredients. Here is a breakfast I often have:
Cook a bit of chopped spinach or kale and let all the water evaporate. Add 3 or 4 tablespoons of heavy cream, a small knob of butter and a small knob of cream cheese. This is essentially creamed spinach, which everyone knows. Now add abt. half an ounce (15 grams) Parmesan cheese or similar and another half ounce of another semi hard cheese (I like pepper jack), and finally a couple strips of cooked bacon, chopped. Allow all this to combine and cook while you fry a couple eggs. Plate the first mixture and lay the eggs on top.
The thing is, the aggressive flavor of the cheese and bacon plus, to some degree , the bitterness if the spinach, mask the flavor of the eggs almost entirely.

(Guardian of the bacon) #2

I love eggs…I really love eggs with lots of stuff. My fav is scrambled eggs with hwc fried in lots of butter smothered in a couple cheeses then after its plated cover in fresh salsa and hot sauce.

Throw in some fresh fried mushrooms and a few strips of bacon, even better.

(Mirissa Joy Beavers) #3

I like to mix my eggs with some bacon, cheese, mushrooms, peppers, and then bake it. It creates the best breakfast casserole that you can switch up from day to day. Add guacamole, or sour cream, or even salsa. It helps me make one thing for the whole week that I can doll up in different ways and not get tired of eating the same thing every day.

(đ૯αท ʍ૯ઽƬѳท) #4

Boiled eggs, cumin powder and mayo. You’re welcome :slight_smile:

(Matthew Standridge DDS FAGD) #5

I do love me some eggs! If I ever developed an egg sensitivity I’d be crushed. That being said, I think it’s important to switch it up every so often. Maybe go a week or two without any eggs. This gets instantly easier if your intermittently fasting and not eating breakfast.

(rawethe) #6

Somehow I have hit a stage where I hardly eat eggs, bacon, avocado, or coconut oil anymore. I just don’t crave them, plus I never eat breakfast, hardly eat lunch, and had switched to Brain Octane for BPC. But, the HDL dropped and I’m trying to get that back up… So guess I’m eating them again. Lol

(Jane Reed) #7

Maybe pickled eggs would go down easier. The robustness of the pickling juice would certainly go a long way to disguise that eggy flavor.

(thefeatherdustersllc) #8

I’ll be right over!! :bacon:

(Greg Trantham) #9

I’ve gone the opposite way, I’m adding a fried egg to my meals that I never did as a sugar burner. No rice or beans with my Mexican food? Add a fried egg. No bun on my hamburgers? Top it with a fried egg. Sir, would you like fries or a baked potato with that steak? No thank you, I would like a fried egg with it.
Eggs have become my side dish substitute at home and restaurants that let me customize the order.

(Paul Jaeger ) #10

Then don’t. There are lots of other options. Not sure if you are trying to lose or maintain, but I am finding that on my current losing track, I cook way more than I could ever want because I no longer feel nagged by hunger to the degree that I eat maybe once a day. How could I possibly try all of the recipes out there let alone get tired of something at this rate?


(Jane Reed) #11

I like your idea, Merissa. As I get farther into my keto journey, my meals are generally smaller and I like a quickly prepared meal late in the afternoon, which an egg dish affords. Also, an egg dish is always fresh. Even a small chuck roast takes me several days to finish up.

(Scott Telfer) #12

Agree, plus they absorb all the potentially lots fats in the pan!


“Eat the yolks”. The yolks have all the nutrition in your egg, but you have to be careful not to cook the yolk much at all or the delicate vits. will be damaged. I use egg yolks as a sauce on any dish and of course when making mayo the yolk is raw. I like very soft boiled or barely poached eggs. If you use the white, make sure it is cooked fully. Yolks contain fat soluble Vit. A, D, and Vit K2 if the girls are eating green grasses. You’ll see the yolks are deep gorgeous orange in the summer and much more flavorful than in the winter. Unfortunately, the hens don’t have grass during winter in WI, so they are fed corn, wheat, and soy. I generally eat lots of eggs in the summer and fewer in the winter for that reason. “You are what you eat… and what your hens eat…” Soy feed especially is one thing I always check the farmer about.

(Jane Reed) #14

Good suggestion , Kate.

On the other hand, this IS the protein thread, and all the protein in an egg is in the white, which, as you noted, is not nearly so tasty or useful. With a little work, a whole egg can be used in liquid recipes.

Years ago I was visiting relatives overseas and saw my cousin beat a couple eggs, temper them, then add to a pot of chicken soup. I’m not overly fond of chicken soup but that stuff was wonderful, so rich. I imagine this could be done with any soup or dish that was soupy, like chili.

There is so much protein in such a small package that getting one’s daily protein allowance can be done without downing great gobs of meat (unless you want to, of course😂).

(Larry Lustig) #15

In Indonesian, this is called “istemewa” (special) as opposed to “biasa” (regular). So just say “Make mine istemewa!”

(Mary Anderson) #16

Boiled egg is the best protein thread, I need boiled egg in every morning, not only me, my child, husband, they also love it so much. I must say once I make boiled egg in a normal way, but hearing the detail of egg cooker from food-gear, I can’t stop to buy. Now it is my home and we spend a beautiful morning time with beautiful boiled eggs. Without eggs we missing something in our breakfast time.