Can't lower insulin


Some people have problems with higher-protein carnivore (protein raises insulin though it’s no problem for most of us on very low-carb. but some people are different). Maybe you can try to eat more fat and less protein…? How much protein do you eat to begin with, do you know that?

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Yes before starting I did read on this topic nowing that my insulin is a issue. I started earing 80%fat and 20% protein so higher in fat.

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I’ll be curious too to read the responses you’ll get from some of our more studious and experienced members. Even when I learn this stuff, I don’t remember it unless it pertains to me. Lolol

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Not an expert by any means, but it does sound like your liver isn’t happy, given the thyroid issues. Do you have a history of hemochromatosis or taking iron tablets?

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Yes I take iron tablet my iron is low. Don’t have or know what hemochromatosis is? Why do you ask about the iron how can this be connected?

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Again, not an expert, but iron shouldn’t be low on a diet high in retinol (pre-formed Vitamin A) like carnivore or keto. Iron is oxidative, you don’t want it sitting in tissues or organs like the liver, it should be in the red blood cells to carry oxygen.

If your thyroid is struggling, it could be iron accumulating in the liver preventing the thyroid hormones converting properly, preventing copper from being used, and also causing the insulin issue.

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I did not test my iron on carnivore. I did test it a lot of times on keto amd I was to low. I actually am suplemtning for my thyroid to work better you need iron. I had a ferritin of 6 so very low. Since then I suplement other wise it drop. I am thinking could fasting cause the insulin to go higher in some people. Because I don’t eat in te morning till 12.

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If you’re anemic, you want to raise hemoglobin. Iron and in fact any heavy metal, will raise it temporarily (ferritin is a poor marker for iron availability in the body) Retinol is what will raise it consistently. It’s surprising your iron was low on keto.

I’ve only come across once before where someone couldn’t lose weight on carnivore and that was iron accumulation in the liver. It blocked their thyroid hormones too. And it caused weight gain, since estrogen will skyrocket when there isn’t enough magnesium to offset the oxidative stress.

Maybe something to dig into for yourself or ask your health care provider about.


If you eat too much protein, it triggers insulin.

I was unable to eat veggies the past year because I became lectin intolerant and had some issues.

For some of us, who have had insulin resistance for a long time, it is not quick or as simple as for those who are healthy and not dealing with metabolic dysfunction.

Best wishes…main thing is not to give up, keep on looking for your answers. :grinning:

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I try to eat 70/80% fat so that it does not trigger insulin. Just don’t know what to do anymore.

If my fasting glucose would lower would that also lower all the insulin. Or is this diet just not for me? But what to eat then?

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What do you like to eat?

For example if I eat Avocado I grate cheese on it - extra fat.
…if I eat Steak I cook in Ghee and add cream.
Also savory fat balls are really tasty.
Combine pulled chicken, cream cheese, butter, spring onion and herbs, chill then roll in chopped fried bacon. (I also add some Guar gum powder as a binder)

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I just eat by the macros. And 80% fat is high in think. Actually I don’t like carnivore it to heavy to much meat. But I do it for my health.

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Hey I’m trying to work out the best ratios too so I’m no expert … 80% does sound a lot but maybe not !
I’m increasing my fat all the time … and with no ill effects

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Yes I did research on it people with issue on keto and carnivore did spike to much on insulin. So they said this ratio is the best to not spike is 80/20.

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If you eat equal weights of fat and protein, you are, by the standard definition, eating a 69% fat and 31% protein diet. This is because 1 g of fat contains 9 (k)cals and 1 g of protein contains 4 (k)cals (a food calorie is actully 1000 calories as defined by physics). The macro-nutrient content of a diet is, for historical reasons, always defined in terms of the percentage of total calories. So an 80% fat diet contains fat and protein in the ratio of 89:50 by weight. If you are eating a 2500 calories/day, that’s 222 g of fat and 125 g of protein. Not unreasonable, depending on your body composition.

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I dont understand what you are saying.
I eat 1300 calories at the moment. From those calories 70%/80% is fat 20% protein 2% are carbs.

Insulin still high. Any idea?


80% fat is much but not extreme IMO and it’s ideal for some. I almost surely overeat there myself, otherwise it feels good, well for the single day I tried it…

I don’t think one needs to eat very much meat on carnivore (I never did) but of course it depends on people’s definition of very much. Even my meat heavy days contain only 500-600g meat but I can (and do) go way lower. (I don’t do carnivore, per se but I am close on my good days and I had proper carnivore times too.) And if someone’s protein need isn’t high but their energy need is decent, a higher fat percentage is more suitable. Especially if fat-loss isn’t one’s goal. So it’s quite individual even without any problems with insulin due to high protein. See @PaulL’s example. 2500 kcal with wonderful macros.

Oh your new comment arrived. That’s quite low protein but maybe just enough for you…? It’s possible.

But WHY your insulin is high with that little protein, grams and percentage alike… I have NO idea. The cases I heard about were solved with 80% fat :frowning:

Sorry I can’t help but good luck to figure it out!!!

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This sounds logical to me. Your calories are low, so your metabolism is low.
You may have a 80%/20% ratio but if its on 300g of food you’ll be ill.

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Why are you starving yourself?