Cant get back into ketosis


(Chris) #1

Ok so been keto for around 2 months. 6 weeks in I started doing carb days in Saturday just to try it. This Saturday I did that and it’s now Wednesday and I cannot get intk ketosis. I’m checking my blood its alwaysball day .1 mmol. I’m eating the same way I always have on keto and doing 16/8. I’m not sure why I’m not going back in I csnt have glucose left after 4 days?

(Susan) #2

Maybe skip the carb day? If you do a 48-72 hour fast of just water, and no calorie coffee/tea that should get you back in Ketosis =).

(Chris Wolfgram) #3

Carb days ??? I had about 54 years of those… I think I’m good now :slight_smile: lol

Seriously, I think carbs would make me sick now. I am SO into Keto, that in only 2 months, it feels completely normal, easy, and in fact, automatic.
I know, their are some people doing this back and forth thing, and claim their are benefits to it, but of all the different trains of thought, this is the last one I think I’d consider. To each their own I guess.

No problems staying in Ketosis, as long as I just keep eating for Keto.

(Consensus is Politics) #4

There might be some kind of benefit to going in and out of ketosis. But in my opinion the carb ups are hurting the benefits from keto, that being the hypoinsulinemia. Insulin (elevated levels of it) is the cause of heart disease, not fat or cholesterol.

Doing a keto/carb dance might be destructive. Carbing up making insulin levels higher, causing small amounts of cumulative damage every time. Keto can heal this damage, but it doesnt heal as fast as it takes damage. So it seems like a net loss doing this back and forth thing.

I understand there is a benefit using insulin to get more glucose into muscles during weight training, to bulk up on muscle, but insulins negative effects will still be there.

Keto Vitae!

(Chris - #5

Share what you’ve been eating these few days to try to get back in.

(Susan) #6

Exactly. I would never do a one day a week Carbage… if people make mistakes once in a while, it happens, but the advice for that is do a 48-72 hour water fast following that. You are not helping your body doing this once a week thing at all.

You seem to be acting like Keto is a diet, and not a lifestyle change, so this will not work well for you in the long run, you have to actually commit to it…

(Bob M) #7

It’s only because I’ve been doing this so long (getting close to 5 years), that I can have a “carb time” (try to make it a meal), and not proceed down a slippery slope toward total carb annihilation. And, I don’t feel as if I “need” a lot of what I used to like (pasta, rice), though I STILL crave some things (pizza). I just went out with the wife, while the kids were away at sleep away camp, and had two dinners. Jumped right back into keto though. (And I’m flexible enough that I can eat high carb for a meal…and be producing ketones the next day.)

(Shelly) #8

It takes me a good day or two to get back into ketosis after going over small amount of carbs. And even when I’m super strict keto or fasting for a day, I barely get over 1.0 mmol. Maybe you’re like me…

(Chris - #9

That’s a little extreme to be considered “the advice”. I’d call it destructive eating disorder behavior if this is what a person should do every time they have a higher carb day. Fasting shouldn’t be a punishment for screwing up.

(Susan) #10

I haven’t messed up yet, but if/when I do, that is what I will do, and what many have suggested on the forum when these issues come up. It also works well for stalls, I am on a 72 hour one atm, (to reset and use the benefits of autophagy) this is not an extreme thing at all.

(Ken) #11

You have to be well on your way to hormone normalization before you reintroduce carbs. Six weeks may not be enough. At the very least, you should consider cutting down to a single carb meal once a week, or give it more time.

(Michael - Don't expect miracles and you won't be disappointed.) #12

@05147ae533bd743d8b98 You’ve just demonstrated how one day of carbs per week can undo the preceding 6 days of keto. Did you get it? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

(hottie turned hag) #13

I’d class the above statement, @Dread1840, as a tad extreme.
Doing an extended fast after a carb misstep seems like a sound move; in no way “eating disordered”.

(Katie) #14

You are so right…
Fasting is always good advice. It is pretty far from “destructive”.

Fasting brings not only the huge drop in insulin…which is a good thing…but it also bring autophagy which is the best thing you can do for your body. Even just 36 hours it a huge benefit for your body and can hardly be consider punishment.

(Full Metal Keto) #15

Really bad idea, don’t do that. You’re cycling in and out of ketosis and you aren’t fat adapted yet. You probably won’t become fat adapted doing that.

(Chris) #16

Shouldn’t just esting low carb kick me back? Last week i was back in on Sunday night hah

(Chris) #17

Bacon eggs 100g of green veggies. Some almonds and pepperoni stick then ejther ribs or steak or chicken and salad for dinner. And some alcohol one night just rum

(Chris) #18

I’m trying to make jt into a lifestyle and I dont intend in eating 20g of carb every single day for the next 60 years. Tbh 60 years of never having pizza or ice cream or s ham burger again makes me depressed. In saying that I want keto to he my lifestyle predominately. So I was experimenting tk see if once a week was do able. Seems like it’s not maybe it’s a once a month or once a quarter thing. Either way I cant believe it’s taking so long getting back in. This is slower then when I first went keto

(Chris) #19

How long does the hormone and stuff take? I’m definitly willing to do the initial bit but I really wanna be free in my life I wanna do keto 99% and then have the availability to “cheat” and really indulge very rarely

(Chris) #20

How does it undo it?