Canned Salmon

(Arie1985uk ) #1

Do you see any issue with eating canned salmon? I do try to eat a cooked one as well but sometimes a canned one is an easy option - and in general, canned fish like sardines - is it bad/okay?

(Joey) #2

We love it (sardines, too). So no issue here :wink:

(Pete A) #3


(Allie) #4

I eat it, no issues.
Have sardines almost every day too.

(Doug) #5

Sardines, mackeral, pickled herring, little ‘fish steaks’ - with nothing, with hot pepper sauce, olive oil, mustard… :heart_eyes::+1:

(Central Florida Bob ) #6

I view canned salmon as a treat. Yeah, I have several cans around the house at all times.


Love to make patties with it, using almond flour instead of wheat flour. I like to mix sardines into it as well.
Some think we should stick to the smaller fish, like sardines and mackrel, but sometimes you gotta have salmon too.


I prefer salmon as fresh sliced ‘filets’ or ‘steaks’. I eat canned chunk tuna right out of the can.